Temporary appointment approval direction

Last updated: December 7, 2021

Last updated: December 7, 2021

Effective immediately, temporary appointment opportunities are open to all public servants and do not require the approval of the immediate supervisor.

There are 2 restrictions to this direction:

  • Employee has not completed their probationary period
  • Extraordinary circumstances where a significant adverse impact to either the delivery of critical services for the public or a critical project directly aligned with the ministry’s mandate is established that cannot be performed by another employee

The denial of a temporary appointment can only be made by an assistant deputy minister and the rationale must be provided to the BC Public Service Agency (PSA).

Where the denial applies to an included position or involves an included employee, the PSA will provide the rationale to the union. If any employee denied an opportunity to apply on a temporary appointment as a result of extraordinary circumstances, the circumstances will be shared with the employee.

With the exception of employees who have not completed their probationary period, under no circumstance will promotional temporary appointments or temporary appointments over seven months be denied. 

To ensure every attempt is made to allow employees opportunities to apply on future temporary appointments, any employee denied application to a temporary appointment due to extraordinary circumstances will be informed the duration for which the restriction applies. This maximum restriction period before an employee will be eligible to apply on a temporary appointment will be 6 months.

In partnership with ministries, the PSA will monitor all denials of a temporary appointment request to ensure compliance with this direction. An evaluation of the impact of this practice update will occur within one year.