Social Program Officer Growth to 24

Social program officers may identify and analyse social problems, conditions and trends and plan and develop social programs and services. The growth model applies only to employees appointed to positions established at the Social Program Officer R24 (SPO 24) level. Ministries that are able to attract fully qualified and experienced applicants to the SPO 24 level may hire directly to the SPO 24 level. Appointment to and movement through the growth model will be per the growth plan set out below. The Employer will determine when the growth model is required.

It is the responsibility of the Employer to determine the staffing qualifications when hiring for SPO 24 positions inclusive of the staffing qualifications for each level of the growth model to which individual applicants will be placed.

Training activities such as the 20-week training program for new SPO 24 workers at the Ministry of Children and Family Development will be compensated at a training rate during the training, which is a prerequisite for placement at the appropriate level in the growth model. Placement in the growth model is not a “reclassification” for the purpose of salary treatment upon completion of the training phase.

Increments are not applicable until an employee attains the SPO 24 level. The increment date shall be set at the date of attaining the SPO 24 level and the first increment will occur one year later, consistent with the Employer’s policy on increments.

Each level on the new growth model is to be “the equivalent of six months full-time employment.” Once placed on the model, employees who meet ministry standards of performance will be eligible to move to the next level of the model at the end of the shift during which 913 hours paid at the straight time rate are accumulated.

If 913 hours are reached in the middle of the day, the new level will be applied at the end of the shift and accumulation of hours toward the next level will start at the beginning of the following work shift.

Note: The growth model also applies to the Social Program Officer (CYMH) R25 level.

Applicable Job Codes

Job Code 501169
Salary Plan GEU
Grade SPO
Bargaining Unit Code 3


Grid SPO

Rates effective April 11, 2021

Step Annual Monthly Bi-weekly Hourly Notes
L1 59,288.72 4,940.73 2,272.53 32.4647 Range 20, Step 1
L2 60,998.61 5,083.22 2,338.07 33.4010 Range 21, Step 1
L3 62,770.07 5,230.84 2,405.97 34.3710 Range 22, Step 1
L4 64,633.37 5,386.11 2,477.39 35.3913 Range 23, Step 1

Previous pay rates

Rates effective April 12, 2020

Step Annual Monthly Bi-weekly Hourly Notes
L1 56,504.21 4,708.68 2,165.80 30.9400 Range 19, Step 1
L2 58,126.18 4,843.85 2,227.97 31.8281 Range 20, Step 1
L3 59,802.68 4,983.56 2,292.23 32.7461 Range 21, Step 1
L4 61,539.18 5,128.27 2,358.79 33.6970 Range 22, Step 1

Rates effective April 14, 2019

Step Annual Monthly Bi-weekly Hourly Notes
L1 55,396.19 4,616.35 2,123.33 30.3333 Range 19, Step 1
L2 56,986.34 4,748.86 2,184.28 31.2040 Range 20, Step 1
L3 58,629.96 4,885.83 2,247.28 32.1040 Range 21, Step 1
L4 60,332.55 5,027.71 2,312.54 33.0363 Range 22, Step 1