Competencies and your career

Last updated: November 30, 2021

Behavioural competencies describe the behaviours, attributes, traits and motives that you demonstrate when doing a job—they enable you to do your job well.

Competencies can be useful throughout your career with the BC Public Service to help with situations, such as:

  • Preparing for interviews and career changes
  • Identifying work and learning goals
  • Developing new strengths and skills for higher performance

Competencies and MyPerformance

Competencies are just one aspect of MyPerformance.

Start a conversation with your supervisor about:

  • Identifying the competencies that will support your success for the year
  • Incorporating the identified competencies into your work goals
  • Creating a learning goal in your MyPerformance Profile to develop a particular competency
  • Understanding how to increase your competency levels through training and informal learning opportunities
    • Review the competency development resource guide included in each staff competency description for learning ideas
  • How exploring the competencies for different positions will help you reach your career goals
  • How you demonstrated the identified competencies throughout the year

Use the MyPerformance Profile tool to record the highlights of those conversations.