Vaping and quitting smoking

Youth should not vape, due to the risks to health and cognitive development, including the risk of nicotine addiction. Sometimes young people vape because of stress and difficult feelings. Adults can help young people by having open, non-judgemental conversations and by connecting them with supports in the community.

Adults can reduce the health harms of smoking by quitting smoking. British Columbia offers tobacco users with free, proven and safe supports to quit. These include quit aids and medication through PharmaCare, and personalized quit coaching support through QuitNow.

For adult smokers who smoke and vape, switching completely from tobacco cigarettes to vaping will reduce your exposure to many toxic and cancer-causing chemicals.

If you are concerned about the health risks of vaping, you should consider quitting vaping. Personalized coaching to help support vapers quit is available by phone or live chat through QuitNow.

Find tools and supports to help you quit

QuitNow BC

BC Smoking Cessation Program

HealthLink BC (HealthLink/ 811: vaping)