Talking to teens about vaping

One of the best things a parent or adult can do is to talk to kids about substance use, including vaping.

Building positive relationships and connections through open and non-judgemental conversations can help your child feel confident to ask you questions before they try any substance.

When to start the conversation:

The best time to have a conversation about vaping is when you’re ready and when it makes sense for you. Maybe you pass another teen vaping, or see something on the news, take the opportunity to have a conversation with your teen about it.

What to say:

Explain the risks of vaping. From nicotine dependence to exposure to chemicals, vaping isn’t recommended for youth. Talk about the facts and point them to some resources they can look at themselves.

It’s normal for teens to take risks, they naturally want to experiment, explore limits, and push boundaries you set. Find tips on how to handle it.

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