Weigh2GoBC Inspection Stations

Weigh2GoBC is a network of weigh-in-motion and automatic vehicle identification stations. Once a vehicle gets a good to go at one station, subject to random checks, vehicles found in compliance can bypass all Weigh2Go equipped stations for the next 24 hours.

Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) Stations

Commercial vehicles with a registered transponder are identified and checked while travelling at highway speeds on approach to weigh-in-motion (WIM) stations.

Vehicles are checked for height, weight and safety credentials and if found in compliance with the regulations, the driver is signaled a green light on their transponder. This “good-to-go” (GTG) signal is then communicated throughout the Weigh2GoBC network.

Vehicles not in compliance, or selected for a random check, are signaled a red light on their transponder and they must report to the station. If the station is open and no light is signaled, you must report. If the station is closed, you can bypass the station.

Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) Technology Stations

If the first station on a trip is an automatic vehicle identification (AVI)-equipped station, the driver will be signaled a red light on their transponder and must report to be weighed, measured and checked on the static scale by an inspector.

Once the inspector completes the checks, vehicles in compliance are issued a “good-to-go” (GTG) signal, which is communicated throughout the Weigh2GoBC network.

If you only encounter the automatic vehicle identification type of stations, you must report at least every 24 hours to maintain your status.

This station works best for vehicles that pass the same stations repeatedly in a day.

Stops & Checks

Once you’re enrolled, you’ll be assigned a random reporting percentage.

Every carrier and every vehicle will be assigned a random report percentage rate based on their safety record and their on-road performance. To lower your random reporting percentage, keep your information up-to-date in the Weigh2GoBC system and follow safety rules and regulations.

You’ll get a red light and need to pull in for inspection if your vehicle:

  • Fails either the weight or credential check or both, at a weigh-in-motion enabled site (WIM)
  • Enters the Weigh2GoBC corridor at an automated vehicle identification enabled site (AVI)
  • Was selected for random report
  • If your vehicle fails any of the “credential checks”