Register Your Trucks & Transponders


The Weigh2GoBC system has information about how to:

  • Register a transponder
  • Update your contact information
  • Deregister a transponder
  • Transfer a transponder to another vehicle

The Weigh2GoBC system is compatible with all ASTMv6 transponders that are used for similar programs. PrePass transponders are not eligible for registration in the Weigh2GoBC system. You can, however, use your Weigh2GoBC transponder in the PrePass system.

You can use two transponders in your vehicle for example, one for Weigh2GoBC and one for toll bridges. Your Weigh2GoBC can be used with TREO.

A transponder must only be installed in the motor vehicle identified in the Weigh2GoBC system. A transponder may be moved from one motor vehicle to another only when it is deregistered from the previous vehicle and then registered to the replacement vehicle.

Immediately report lost, stolen or inoperative transponders.

Find Your Transponder ID

The hexa-decimal number can be found on the top of the transponder.

Weigh2GoBC Transponder

Truck Photo Requirements

The same photo can be used for trucks that are of the same make, model, colour and have the same accessories. Contact us if you have questions about acceptable photos.

Photos must be:

  • Colour
  • JPEG format up to 200 KB
  • Taken of the passenger side of the power unit angled to show, in its entirety, the cab, front grill, windshield and roof

Photos must not include:

  • The trailer
  • Other vehicles, people or unusual distractions

Images of acceptable and unacceptable photos for submission to the Weigh2GoBC system