Funding and Grant Opportunities for Class 1 MELT

Training providers set their own costs for B.C. Class 1 Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT). You may eligible to receive assistance paying for the training from government programs such as:

For more information and for approved providers who deliver MELT training in B.C. go to ICBC.

Funding for Training

WorkBC Centre Services

  • WorkBC Employment Services help unemployed people into sustainable employment.
  • WorkBC Centres work with people on an individual basis to determine an effective plan to meet that objective.
  • If someone is unable to find a sustainable job with their existing skills, WorkBC can provide access to skills training, which can include support for tuition and financial support.
  • There is a $7500 tuition maximum that applies to all occupations and sectors. This funding may be available as a contribution toward the costs of training with individuals contributing to total training costs or seeking other available funding sources.

Learn more about WorkBC Centre Services

Indigenous Skills and Employment Training

  • The Indigenous Skills and Employment Training (ISET) Program helps Indigenous people build their skills and find employment
  • In B.C., 23 organizations provide ISET programs, services, and funding

Learn more about the Indigenous Skills and Employment Training

Funding Grants

BC Employer Training Grant

  • Provides funding to employers to support skills training for their new or current employees
  • May provide funding for owners and operators, including contractors, to upgrade their skills
  • Employers receive 80% of the cost of training up to $10,000 per participant per year, and up to $300,000 per employer.
  • Applications are submitted online throughout the year

Learn more about the BC Employer Training Grant

Community Workforce Response Grant

  • Provides funding for communities and sectors to respond to emerging and urgent labour market needs
  • Funding supports in-demand skills training that leads to secure and sustainable employment for unemployed and precariously employed British Columbians
  • Participants can receive supports such as childcare and transportation
  • Applications are submitted online throughout the year
  • This program does not accept applications from individuals. Individuals should consult their local WorkBC office for training opportunities in their area

Learn more about the Community Workforce Response Grant