Vancouver Island Rail Corridor

These three studies are released by Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. The railway is owned by the Island Corridor Foundation and operated under contract by the Southern Railway of Vancouver Island.

The Island Rail Corridor (formerly known as the E&N Rail Corridor) is approximately 289 km running between Victoria and Courtenay with connections between Parksville and Port Alberni and to the Nanaimo waterfront.

Island Rail Corridor Condition Assessment  (March, 2020)

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure commissioned an “all-in” assessment of the entire Island Rail corridor (Victoria to Courtenay (Victoria subdivision), Parksville to Port Alberni (Port Alberni subdivision), Wellcox Spur and Wellcox Yard).

This was a thorough assessment conducted by railway industry experts to ensure a complete and accurate picture of the railway infrastructure, from ties and track to grade crossings and bridges. The condition assessment includes costs to upgrade infrastructure to restore rail freight operations and passenger service. It also includes the cost of upgrading the rail line to meet the standards needed to implement a Commuter Service with frequent train service between Victoria and Langford, as well as Inter-City service between Victoria and Courtenay.

Summary Report (PDF, 40.6MB)


E & N Bridge Assessment Reports (2012)

This study assessed the condition of the 48 bridges and trestles on the Island rail corridor between Victoria and Courtenay, including two structures on the Wellcox spur between the main line and the Nanaimo harbour. The railway bridge structures range in date of construction between 1906 and 2010. The objectives of the study were to:

  • Assess the load carrying capacity of the bridges
  • Estimate potential rehabilitation/replacement costs required to the bridges to support rail operations to the end of year 2021, with further estimates of bridge rehabilitation/replacement costs to the years 2031 and 2041

Phase 1

  • Phase 1 — Inspection Report (PDF, 42.8MB)
    Bridges from Bridge at Mileage 1.30 to Bridge at Mileage 65.10 and 2 Bridges on the Wellcox Spur (28 bridges)

Phase 2

  • Phase 2 — Assessment Report (rehabilitation/replacement costs) (PDF, 10.2MB)
    Bridges from Bridge at Mileage 1.30 to Bridge at Mileage 65.10 and 2 Bridges on the Wellcox Spur (28 bridges) and Executive Summary for the four reports

Phase 3

Phase 4

  • Phase 4 — Assessment Report (rehabilitation/replacement costs) (PDF, 7.4MB)
    Bridges from Bridge at Mileage 79.10 to Bridge at Mileage 135.10 (20 bridges)

Evaluation of the E&N Railway Corridor (2010)

The first phase of the evaluation looked at the costs and viability of upgrading the entire Island rail line for freight and passenger travel. It also included a market assessment for freight, passengers, excursion and commuter rail demand as well as an evaluation of infrastructure condition.

The second phase provided strategies to assist the Island Corridor Foundation with future business planning and identifying opportunities for the rail corridor.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Study Parameters