Sunshine Coast Fixed Link Feasibility Study

This study examines the feasibility of a fixed link to improve the connection between the Sunshine Coast and the Lower Mainland.

Why Study a Fixed Link?

For many years, residents, businesses and other stakeholders on the Sunshine Coast have been advocating for a fixed link to to improve the connection between the Sunshine Coast and Lower Mainland.

The purpose of the study was to:

  • Assess the costs and benefits of possible overland connections and bridge crossings between the Sunshine Coast and the Lower Mainland
  • Identify the financial and physical feasibility of constructing a fixed link
  • Provide benefits and impacts analysis of potential fixed link scenarios

The study concluded that a fixed link crossing would have many technical and financial challenges. The study narrowed the options to two bridge link crossings and two road link crossings connecting the upper and lower half of the Sunshine Coast. Each option presents serious challenges, including steep rocky areas, mountain passes and deep water channels, which would result in very high construction costs. None of the options completely eliminates the need for ferry travel.

Public Consultation

Public consultation feedback was considered along with technical and financial information in developing the final report. The study conducted public and stakeholder information sessions with local communities and special interest groups, regional districts, the local Island Trust, Chambers of Commerce and local First Nations.