Central Okanagan Reports & Network Upgrades

The Central Okanagan corridor has been studied in the past, resulting in the identification of route improvements. The team will incorporate and update past studies when possible and take into account network upgrades that have been initiated or completed.


  • Peachland Transportation Study
    This study explores options for improving safety and mobility for the portion of Highway 97 that runs through Peachland. It is the last remaining segment of two-lane highway between Penticton and Vernon.
  • Current Corridor Conditions – Detailed Technical Report - June 2015 (PDF, 1.5MB)
    This report looks at the history of the area and examines related studies, plans and projects. It identifies the significance of the Central Okanagan corridor, economically and as part of regional transportation. It examines the current transportation infrastructure, demand, travel patterns, and corridor performance analysis. It identifies areas for improvement.
  • Future Corridor Conditions – Detailed Technical Report – December 2016
    This report documents assumptions about performance along the corridor in the future (planning horizon  2040) and identifies network and operational deficiencies.

  • 2011 Okanagan Valley Transportation Symposium
    Between May and September, 2011, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure conducted a symposium with municipal governments and Indigenous Communitites to develop a comprehensive vision for the future of transportation in the Okanagan.

Network Upgrades

This is a collection of news stories or media releases related to the Okanagan Lake Second Crossing.

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