Electrical Maintenance

Private contractors are responsible for maintaining the electrical infrastructure year-round on highways and Provincially-owned side roads in B.C. Some examples of electrical inventory maintained by the contractors include:

  • Overhead lights
  • Traffic and pedestrian signals
  • Warning signs, railway flashers and fire signals
  • Tunnel and snowshed lighting
  • Speed reader boards
  • Web cameras

Agreement & Specifications

There are four electrical maintenance service areas in B.C.

The existing electrical maintenance services agreements are for approximately four-year terms with a possibility of a four-year extension.


To ensure contractors are meeting their obligations their performance is monitored.

Bid Opportunities

Current Request for Proposals

There are no current request for proposals opportunities.

Past Request for Proposals

Electrical Maintenance RFP Results
Service Area RFP # Commencement Preferred Proponent
Vancouver Island ELEC-SAVI-R3 1 September 2020 Raylec Power Limited Partnership by its general partner Raylec Power Ltd.
Northern Region ELEC-SANR-R3 1 September 2021 Westcana Electric Inc.
Lower Mainland West ELEC-SALMW-R3 1 September 2021 Cobra Electric Regional Services Ltd.
Lower Mainland East ELEC-SALME-R3 1 September 2021 Cobra Electric Regional Services Ltd.
Southern Interior Region ELEC-SASIR-R3 1 September 2022 Cobra Electric Interior Services Limited Partnership by its general partner Cobra Electric Interior Services Ltd.

Procurement Information Session

Two Electrical Maintenance Contract Procurement Information Sessions were held to provide prospective proponents information about then upcoming procurements. Watch the session recordings for more information about electrical maintenance procurements: