Electrical Maintenance

Private contractors are responsible for maintaining the electrical infrastructure year-round on highways and Provincially-owned side roads in B.C. Some examples of electrical inventory maintained by the contractors include:

  • Overhead lights
  • Traffic and pedestrian signals
  • Warning signs, railway flashers and fire signals
  • Tunnel and snowshed lighting
  • Speed reader boards
  • Web cameras

Agreement & Specifications

There are five electrical maintenance service areas in B.C.

The electrical maintenance service agreements commencing in 2020-2022 are for five-year terms with a possibility of a five-year extension.


To ensure contractors are meeting their obligations their performance is monitored.

Bid Opportunities

Past Request for Proposals

Electrical Maintenance RFP Results
Service Area RFP # Commencement Preferred Proponent
Vancouver Island ELEC-SAVI-R3 1 September 2020 Raylec Power Limited Partnership by its general partner Raylec Power Ltd.
Northern Region ELEC-SANR-R3 1 September 2021 Westcana Electric Inc.
Lower Mainland West ELEC-SALMW-R3 1 September 2021 Cobra Electric Regional Services Ltd.
Lower Mainland East ELEC-SALME-R3 1 September 2021 Cobra Electric Regional Services Ltd.
Southern Interior Region ELEC-SASIR-R3 1 September 2022 Cobra Electric Interior Services Limited Partnership by its general partner Cobra Electric Interior Services Ltd.