Pavement Marking

Private contractors are responsible for re-painting a set amount of lines each year on highways and provincially-owned side roads within their service area. This work starts in the spring and continues through much of the summer.

The quantity of lines that are re-painted annually is determined at the beginning of each contract term.  Some of the lines must be re-painted yearly while other lines are re-painted on a cyclical basis based on priority, taking into consideration things such as wear, location and traffic volumes.

In addition to re-painting lines, pavement marking contractors also paint new lines and transverse markings (for example, stop bars, cross hatching, arrows) on recently paved asphalt.

Agreements & Specifications

There are currently five pavement marking service areas in B.C.

Each of the pavement marking service agreements, which were last tendered in 2013, are for five-year-terms and will expire December, 2018.

Safety & Quality

Safety is our highest priority and providing clear line markings is a vital part of keeping roads and highways safe. For areas with wet conditions which make night-time visibility of the lines difficult, we've made changes to the pavement marking service agreements to increase line reflectivity.

Areas that experience more rapid wear of the paint may be due to high traffic volumes and/or damage caused by sand and ploughs grinding and scraping the line markings. In the most recent pavement marking service agreements a thicker line is being used in selected areas that experience faster wear. We’re also working with industry to develop new marking strategies that are both environmentally safe and durable.

To ensure contractors are meeting their obligations their performance is monitored.