Climate action and transportation

The B.C. government is taking steps to mitigate and adapt to the the effects of climate change. This means we're working on ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by transportation and making sure our roads and bridges and other transportation infrastructure is protected during extreme weather events.

Learn how the B.C. government is working to mitigate, or lessen the impact of, transportation sector emissions.

Climate change mitigation

We are working to mitigate climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through these actions. Learn how the B.C. government is:

  • Encouraging the adoption of cleaner fuels.
  • Adopting cleaner technology and electrifying as much of the transportation system as possible.
  • Encouraging people to reduce the number of trips and increase the efficiency of those trips.

Climate change adaptation

To encourage responsible transportation choices, the B.C. government is investing in green infrastructure and transportation system efficiency and promoting zero and low carbon transportation energy sources.

Adapting the provincial transportation infrastructure to climate change

Learn how we're adaption B.C.'s transportation infrastructure, such as roads and bridges, making sure they can withstand the effects of climate change, including extreme weather events.

B.C.'s transportation sector accounts for about 37 percent of total provincial greenhouse gas emissions.

B.C.'s transportation greenhouse gas emissions