Out-of-Province Visitors & Rental Vehicles

All passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles travelling B.C. highways from out-of-province must abide by B.C.’s winter tire and chain requirements. The M+S and 3-peaked mountain/snowflake manufacturer ratings are consistent for tires sold in North America.    

Renting a Vehicle in Winter?

Most rental vehicles will be equipped with M+S tires, which meet the minimum winter tire requirement.  

If you are renting a vehicle and travelling outside the Greater Vancouver or Greater Victoria areas, it's a good idea to ensure your vehicle rental is equipped with winter tires. While M+S tires are legally acceptable, tires with the 3-peaked mountain/snowflake symbol provide the best traction in winter conditions. Discuss options with your vehicle rental provider.

Keep in mind, cities, municipalities and private roads (such as ski hills) may have their own bylaws or rules around the use of winter tires, chains or traction devices that may differ from provincial highway regulations.