Sharing the Road

Summer is prime vacation time, and B.C. is a beautiful province with a wonderful variety of scenery. There's something new to see around every bend…and it may be something you are not expecting!

Tourists may not be familiar with their route, and may stop suddenly. Keep a good amount of space between you and other vehicles. Be extra patient and careful around cyclists, large recreational vehicles and vehicles pulling trailers that may have difficulty seeing you. If you can't see the vehicle's mirrors, they probably can't see you. Remember to Keep Right and Let Others Pass.

Slow Down and Drive with Care in Cone Zones


Many road works can only be done during good weather, which means summer is road construction season.

Rest Areas

While a summer road trip is a fun way to appreciate B.C.'s natural beauty, drivers must always keep their eyes on the road. Scenic lookouts are great places to pull over and enjoy the view. Many also provide information about local history and geography. Watch for scenic lookout signs and be aware of vehicles merging back onto the highway from rest areas and lookouts.

Encountering Large Vehicles and Pilot Cars

Large vehicles whether buses carrying passengers, transport trucks carrying goods or pilot cars accompanying vehicles carrying oversized loads can be a challenge for other users of the road. Knowing the characteristics of large  vehicles, and how they operate, will help you stay safe on the road.


Wildlife pose a significant risk on provincial highways. In the summer many young creatures become more mobile, and they are likely to join their parents crossing the road to find new habitat.


B.C. has challenging terrain with beautiful scenery and recreational activities that attract cyclists. Be extra patient and careful. Cyclists may encounter obstacles and need room to maneuver.


Summer time is exciting for kids. They like to enjoy the good weather by playing outdoors. When they're having fun, they may forget to watch for traffic.