Highway 37 Driving Tips

Road Conditions

Most of the route is hard surface (either pavement or sealcoat) with approximately one kilometre of gravel. Road conditions vary depending on the weather and time of year; for safety travel with headlights on at all times.

Snow can occur during late spring and early fall. Information on current road conditions is available on DriveBC.

Internet connection is available in Stewart, Dease Lake and Watson Lake, however, do not expect coverage over the entire Highway 37 route.

Watch for Wildlife

Grizzly and black bear, caribou, moose, fox and many other species of wildlife can be found on and along the highway. In the late spring and early summer, adults and their young may be crossing the road to find new habitat.

Drivers should be alert for these potential hazards. You are advised to admire wildlife from the safety of your vehicle.

Be Courteous

  • Sharing the road: there are some single lane bridges. Approach with caution and yield to oncoming traffic.
  • Allow other vehicles to pass. Slow down and pull over if you prefer a more leisurely pace.
  • Keep to the right hand side of the road to allow adequate room for oncoming traffic. Line of sight is limited due to the terrain.
  • Pass with caution when safe – road markings may not be present.
  • Be aware of commercial and industrial traffic that travels the route 24 hours a day.
  • Plan your stops for fuel, food and breaks before the start of your trip.
  • When viewing wildlife please park your vehicle in a safe location and make certain you are not blocking other traffic.

Road Crews

Maintenance and construction activities are underway year round. If roadside workers are encountered, motorists are required to slow their speed to 70km/h when in an 80km/h or over zone, and 40km/h when in an under 80km/h zone. Do not travel closely behind highway maintenance vehicles, and pass with caution.