2 - Medical conditions at a glance - CCMTA Medical Standards

For each major medical condition identified in the medical condition chapters, the following table identifies whether the resulting impairment is persistent or episodic and the chapter where the specific information is available.

Condition Chapter Reference Type of Impairment
    Persistent Episodic
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm 13   X
Aortic dissection 13   X
Cardiovascular diseases 3 X X
Cerebrovascular diseases 4 X X
Cognitive impairment including dementia 6 X  
Diabetes – Hypoglycemia 7   X
DVT – Pulmonary embolism 13   X
Hearing loss 9 X  
Intracranial tumours 10 X X
MS, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s 12 X X
Musculoskeletal 11 X  
Narcolepsy 18 X X
Peripheral arterial disease-severe claudication 13 X  
Psychiatric disorders 14 X X
Renal diseases 5 X  
Drugs, Alcohol and Driving 15 X X
Respiratory diseases 16 X  
Seizures and epilepsy 17   X
Sleep apnea 18 X X
Syncope 19   X
Traumatic brain injuries 20 X X
Vestibular disorders 21 X X
Vision impairment 22 X