Fairs, Festivals and Events Fund

Last updated on May 9, 2024

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About the fund 

The B.C. Fairs, Festivals and Events fund (the BCFFE Fund) helps community event organizations recover from ongoing challenges related to: 

  • Cost increases 
  • Reduced revenue and sponsorships 
  • Rising costs of equipment and services 
  • Severe weather events 

How the fund works

The BCFFE Fund provides up to about 20% of your total event budget, up to a maximum of $250,000 per event. Your event budget must be at least $10,000.

You can use these funds to cover a range of operational expenses.

Depending on the uptake, the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport may provide grant amounts higher or lower than 20% of the event budget. The total funding for each event will not exceed $250,000. Total funding per organization will not exceed $500,000.

Application process

Funds are limited and applications will be reviewed in the order they are received. 

Applications will be accepted until February 25, 2024 at 11:59 pm PST. Funding decisions will be communicated in April 2024. All decisions are final. 

Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted. 

Contact us if you have questions about eligibility.


Submitting multiple applications

You can submit a maximum of three applications. You must complete a separate application package for each eligible event.

  • You cannot submit applications for recurring instances of the same event
  • Only one grant will be issued per eligible event
  • Two organizations cannot receive grants for the same event
  • You will not receive more than $500,000 in total funding

Previous funding from the Tourism Division of the Ministry of Arts, Culture and Sport

Failure to submit a required final report from previous intakes of BCFFE may affect future funding decisions or may result in the repayment of funds to the Province.

2023 BCFFE recipients please note: If your grant was $200,000 and over, you must submit a report within three months following the event.  If your grant was under $200,000 you are only required to submit a report if requested by the Ministry.  

Events previously funded through the Tourism Division of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport are not eligible for the BCFFE funding within the same calendar year. 

  • For example, if you received funding for your 2024 event, you are only eligible for 2025 funding, provided your event meets the mandatory criteria 

This also applies to events that previously received funding from the BCFFE Fund for an event that was postponed to 2024/25.



Who can apply

You could apply for the fund if you are organizing an eligible event and it meets the eligibility criteria. Your organization must also have been in operation for 1 full year prior to applying to this fund. 

Eligible applicants

  • Indigenous community or organization 
  • Not-for-profit organization 
  • Business 
  • Local government 

Ineligible applicants

  • Individuals 
  • Federal, provincial or territorial governments (and their Crown corporations and agencies) 
  • Educational institutions, including universities, colleges and school board
  • Unions 

Mandatory eligibility criteria 

Eligible events are scheduled to take place in B.C. between April 1, 2024 and September 30, 2025 and meet the following eligibility criteria.


a. Eligible event types

Eligible events:

  • Sporting events and festivals, such as:
    • Spectator sport events
    • Organized races
    • Exhibition events
    • Tournaments and competitions
  • Arts and culture events and festivals, such as:
    • Live music, film, mural, or cultural festivals 
    • Performances
    • Art walks
    • Comic conventions
  • Community celebrations and gatherings, such as:
    • Seasonal festivals or celebration 
    • Culinary (food or beverage) events
    • Fairs, rodeos and exhibitions 
  • Agri-tourism events, such as:
    • Festivals held on farms, orchards or vineyards

Ineligible events:

  • Events that are primarily commercial/retail, religious, political or academic in nature, such as: 
    • Consumer shows
    • Trade shows
    • Conventions
    • Fashion shows
    • Meetings and conferences
    • Seminars and clinics
    • Rallies or demonstrations 
    • Educational competitions
    • Craft fairs or swap meets
    • Farmers' markets
  • Shows, tours or recurring events held for more than 21 days in a calendar year
    • Summer music concert series
    • Seasonal spectator sport games/leagues
  • Pageants
  • Award shows
  • Events held at summer camps or training clinics
  • Neighbourhood block parties
  • Events with the primary purpose of fundraising or contests
  • Events in the bid phase

b. Open to the public 

  • Events must be open to all members of the public. Events only available to the organization's members are not eligible 

c. Frequency limit 

  • Events that take place more than 21 days in a calendar year are not eligible for funding 
  • If you are hosting a recurring event, such as a series of summer music concerts or a seasonal spectator sport league, your event may be eligible if it occurs fewer than 21 times in a calendar year, whether it takes place consecutively or not 

d. Revenue-generation and other funding sources 

  • To ensure the success of your event, we require you to have other funding sources. This may include revenue from ticket sales, contributions from your organization, private contributions, and other levels of governments 
  • Event organizers must complete an event budget template that demonstrates anticipated revenue-generating activities, such as ticket sales, entry fees and vendor fees. The budget must also reflect all other funding sources 

e. Financial viability 

  • While event budgets are not required to be balanced, event organizers must complete a budget that demonstrates sufficient cash flow to meet minimum operating costs. Event budgets with significant surpluses or deficits may not receive a grant

f. Minimum operating budget 

  • Event budgets must demonstrate minimum operating budgets of $10,000

g. Secured venue

  • The event venue must be secured at the time of application. Event organizers may be asked to provide evidence that the event venue is secured, such as through municipal permits, rental agreements or other documentation
  • Events in the bid phase are ineligible 

h. Primary purpose 

  • The primary purpose of an eligible event cannot be fundraising activities 
  • Events may contribute to fundraising efforts, such as hosting not-for-profit organizations that are collecting donations at the event venue. BCFFE funds cannot be used for financial contributions to support charities 
  • Events may host vendor tables, sell merchandise, or sell food and beverage, but this cannot be the primary purpose of the event. This means that consumer shows, trade shows, and craft fairs are ineligible 


What your application should show 

Community impact and economic benefits

Your application must show how your event provides community and economic impacts to enhance quality of life and community wellness, through: 

  • Community-wide economic benefits, such as working with local vendors, producers, or securing sponsorship
  • Tourism value, such as attracting visitors from outside local areas 
  • Community engagement, such as working with local artists or promoting diversity, equity and inclusion

Alignment with government priorities 

Preference may be given to events that align with the following government priorities:

How to apply 

Applications must be submitted by February 25, 2024 at 11:59 pm. 

Apply now

You can submit a maximum of 3 applications. Each event requires its own application package.

Applications will not be accepted past the application deadline. No exceptions will be granted. If you have questions, contact us as soon as possible. 

You must complete and submit the application form online. Do not print and scan the form. Scanned or incomplete applications will not be accepted. 

You will receive a decision on your application by April 2024. All decision are final. 

The deadline for spending approved grant funding is September 30, 2025. 

Your event budget 

You must use the event budget template (XSLX, 18KB) to submit your budget. Complete your budget following the event budget template instructions.

The budget must reflect anticipated revenues, other funding sources and expenses. The event budget must also include total operating costs related to the event and should not include the requested BCFFE funding. 

Event budgets are not required to be balanced. Event budgets with significant surpluses or deficits may not receive a grant. 

How to use your funding

You must indicate your intended use of grant funds on your application. Funds must be spent on eligible expenses directly associated with the event described in your application. Grant funds not spent must be repaid. 


Eligible expenses

You can use grant funds to pay for:

  • Consultation with Indigenous communities and honorariums for Indigenous community members 
  • Operational costs directly related to the event execution, such as event staff, volunteer management or equipment rental
  • Artists' fees
  • Wages or contractor fees for event production 
  • Health and safety requirements 
  • Insurance related to event execution 
  • Venue rental fees
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Signage and collateral 
  • Program guides 
  • Hospitality costs (e.g. food/beverage sold at event) 

Ineligible expenses

You can't use grant funds to pay for:

  • Operating costs for the organization producing the event (e.g. utilities, debt repayment, office expenses) 
  • Seed money for start-up businesses 
  • Capital expenditures (construction, renovation or purchase of property or equipment) 
  • Feasibility studies
  • Fundraising activities
  • Gifts
  • Prize money
  • Legal fees



You must spend all grant funds on the event outlined in your application. If the funds are not fully spent on the event or your event changes substantially in scope, you must contact the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport to discuss your repayment options. 

You will be required to submit a post-event report that outlines the following information: 

  • Total number of attendees
  • Total number of jobs supported
  • Total number of volunteers engaged
  • Description of how grant funds were used
  • Description of community impact and/or testimonials

The Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport will provide you with a report template. 

Reports will be due three months after the event concludes. Failure to submit a final report may affect future funding decisions or may result in the repayment of funds to the Province.

Your agreement with the ministry

Funding decisions and payment

Funding decisions will be communicated in writing. Successful applicants will be required to enter into an agreement with the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport, which will outline the terms of the agreement including reporting requirements and restrictions on the use of funds. 

All decisions are final. There is no appeal process for unsuccessful applicants to the fund. 


Organizations awarded grant funds may also be subject to post-payment audits to ensure compliance with the fund guidelines. Ineligible use of funds or unspent funds may result in grant funds becoming repayable to the ministry. 

Funding recipients

In 2024, more than 1,100 events received funding through the BCFFE Fund. 

Due to the overwhelming demand and to ensure every eligible applicant received funding, an additional $5 million in Tourism Events Program funding was provided, totaling $20 million for events in B.C.

2024 recipients
Event Name Community Funding amount
Festival 2024 100 Mile House $2,000.00
100 Mile Skating Club 50th Anniversary Ice Extravaganza 100 Mile House $2,800.00
100 Mile Pro Rodeo 100 Mile House $5,700.00
Abbotsford Agrifair Abbotsford $33,900.00
Jam in Jubilee Abbotsford $5,300.00
Mill Lake Music Abbotsford $2,000.00
Abbotsford Curling Classic Cashspiel Abbotsford $2,400.00
Abbotsford Mixed Doubles Cashspiel Abbotsford $2,000.00
Winter Jubilee 2024 Abbotsford $8,300.00
Art and Wine Walk Festival Abbotsford $3,200.00
Abbotsford International Airshow Abbotsford $129,500.00
Movie in the Park Abbotsford $2,000.00
The Sky's No Limit - She is Anything! Aviation, Aerospace, Marine & Defence Diversity Outreach Event Abbotsford $16,700.00
BC School Sports Rugby Championships Abbotsford $14,700.00
Abbotsford Film Festival Abbotsford $3,700.00
TradeX Summer Series Festival Abbotsford $199,000.00
Winter Break Up Festival Abbotsford $102,100.00
Taco & Tequila Festival Abbotsford $55,300.00
Kings Cup Abbotsford $15,400.00
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Abbotsford $4,500.00
Life, Love and Loss Abbotsford $2,000.00
Ring Out, Wild Bells Abbotsford $2,000.00
BC-Wide Portrait Competition and Live Painting Event Aldergrove $2,000.00
Celebration of Culture 2025 Aldergrove $2,000.00
85th Annual Anahim Lake Stampede Anahim Lake $5,300.00
Argenta Fall Faire Argenta $2,000.00
Armstrong Spallumcheen Music in the Park Armstrong $6,000.00
Sparkle & Shine! Annual Downtown Light Up Armstrong $6,000.00
Interior Provincial Exhibition & Stampede Armstrong $140,800.00
Armstrong Metalfest Armstrong $8,900.00
Fall Theatre Production - Beauty and the Beast - a Pantomime Ashcroft $2,000.00
Atlin Arts and Music Festival Atlin $20,700.00
Balfour Daze 2024 Balfour $2,000.00
119th BC Women's Amateur and Mid-Amateur Championship Balfour $2,800.00
Pachena Bay Music Festival Bamfield $31,100.00
Music by the Sea Bamfield $11,200.00
Dominion Day and Theatre Royal Grand Opening Barkerville $2,000.00
Indigenous Peoples Celebration Barkerville $2,200.00
Chinese Mid Autumn Moon Festival Barkerville $2,000.00
British Columbia Agricultural Exposition Barriere $11,300.00
Welcome Summer Community Block Party Barriere $2,000.00
75th Annual North Thompson Fall Fair & BCRA Championship Finals Rodeo Barriere $15,200.00
Big Lake Fishing Derby Big Lake Ranch $2,900.00
Freeride Days Mountain Bike Festival 2024 Big White Mountain Resort $16,000.00
AltiTunes Music Fest Big White Mountain Resort $81,300.00
2 Rivers Remix Movable Feast Boston Bar $88,700.00
Authentically Indigenous on Nex̱wlélex̱wm/Bowen Island Festival Bowen Island $2,100.00
The Harry Jerome Track Classic Burnaby $31,300.00
2024 War on the Floor Wrestling Championships Burnaby $4,100.00
2024 BC Rugby Senior Club Final Burnaby $11,600.00
Burnaby Pride Festival Burnaby $8,400.00
2024 Bubble Tea Festival Burnaby $17,800.00
Burnaby Blues + Roots Festival Burnaby $40,400.00
Classical Weekend Burnaby $29,500.00
Burnaby's Halloween Cultural Experiences Burnaby $25,600.00
BC Multicultural Performing Arts Festival Burnaby $2,000.00
Pinoy Festival: Panahon na para Magsaya Burnaby $13,900.00
Nikkei Matsuri Burnaby $13,700.00
Winter at Nikkei - Mochitsuki Burnaby $2,000.00
Sake Event - Kanpai Burnaby $2,000.00
Rowing BC Provincial Championships Burnaby $2,800.00
BC Summer Games Rowing Regatta Burnaby $3,400.00
Scandinavian Midsummer Festival Burnaby $7,400.00
Honouring Indigenous Students Powwow Burnaby $2,000.00
Canao Festival Burnaby $13,400.00
Pat Quinn Classic Tournaments Burnaby $20,200.00
Celebrating Thanksgiving-- Respecting Elderly Burnaby $2,000.00
Canadian National Championships for Gaelic Games Burnaby $5,900.00
Opera in the Park Concert Burnaby $12,600.00
Roses of Bulgaria 2024 Burnaby $2,000.00
25th Annual National Indigenous People's Day Burns Lake $12,100.00
Lakes District Fall Fair Children's and Music Festival Burns Lake $8,500.00
North Island/Central Coast Professional Contemporary Dance Series 3rd Season Campbell River $12,300.00
CR Live Streets Campbell River $9,400.00
Vancouver Island Food Truck Festival Campbell River $2,000.00
Campbell River Jazz & Blues Festival Campbell River $2,000.00
Flats Fest Canal Flats $20,700.00
Night of Fire 2024 Castlegar $2,000.00
Winterfest Castlegar $2,000.00
Canada Day Community Celebration Castlegar $2,000.00
The MacKenzie Rd Art & Wine Crawl Cawston $2,000.00
Sip & Savour a Symphony of Flavours Cawston $4,200.00
The Crystal Cup Charlie Lake $3,100.00
Energetic County Fair 2024 Charlie Lake $36,300.00
Music on the Lake Chase $2,700.00
Electric Love Music Festival 2024 Chase $33,700.00
The Chilliwack Fair Chilliwack $37,400.00
UFV Take Over Festival Chilliwack $2,000.00
Chilliwack Mural Festival Chilliwack $13,400.00
Chilliwack Independent Film Festival Chilliwack $12,800.00
2024 Chilliwack Pride Festival Chilliwack $4,100.00
Sweet Spring Flower and Baby Animal Festival at Greendale Acres Chilliwack $10,500.00
Family Christmas Train and light event at Greendale Acres (Official Marketing name TBD) Chilliwack $17,300.00
Loop the Vedder Trail Half Marathon, 10km & kids run Chilliwack $2,800.00
Thursty Elk Trail Run Chilliwack $2,000.00
Brewhalla Festivals Chilliwack Chilliwack $9,900.00
Monty Python's Spamalot Chilliwack $2,300.00
Provincial Mainstage 2024 Chilliwack $4,500.00
Ribfests Chilliwack $15,000.00
Yarrow Days 2024 Chilliwack $2,000.00
Dunn Folkin' Around? Music & Arts Festival Clearwater $2,000.00
Canadian Nationals Disc Golf Tournament Clearwater $5,000.00
Clinton May Ball Rodeo And Dance Clinton $6,400.00
157th Clinton Annual Ball Clinton $2,000.00
Cobble Hill Fair Cobble Hill $4,200.00
Freaky Creeky Coldstream $2,400.00
Classical Concert Series Colwood $2,000.00
Vancouver Island Trail Running Series Colwood $9,100.00
Canadian Women's Amateur Championship Colwood $3,900.00
Comox Nautical Festival Comox $7,100.00
Royal Lpeage Snow To Surf Comox $6,500.00
Filberg Festival 2024 Comox $26,400.00
VI Paddling Race Series Comox $2,000.00
Coombs Fair Coombs $11,900.00
Pacific Distance Carnival and Canadian 10,000m Championships Coquitlam $2,800.00
BCPA Summer Open Powerlifting Championships Coquitlam $2,000.00
Flames Winter BBC Fest Coquitlam $9,800.00
Canada Day in Coquitlam Coquitlam $25,200.00
Lights at Lafarge Kickoff Coquitlam $5,600.00
Summer Concert Series Coquitlam $4,900.00
U15/U18A Gold Classic Tournament Coquitlam $3,700.00
BC Spring Classic Coquitlam $17,700.00
World Wide Food Festival Coquitlam $17,300.00
Festival du Bois Coquitlam $38,600.00
BC Dumpling Festival Coquitlam $17,300.00
Caribbean Days Festival 2024 Coquitlam $26,100.00
ScotFestBC: The British Columbia Highland Games Coquitlam $22,800.00
Love Fest Cortes Island $3,100.00
Comox Valley  International Film Festival Courtenay $2,000.00
Vancouver Island MusicFest Courtenay $89,300.00
137th Vancouver Island Grass Courts Championship Cowichan Bay $2,000.00
Cranbrook Gravel Grind Cranbrook $2,800.00
2024 Canadian Open Blind Golf Championships Cranbrook $8,900.00
Rock the Kootenays Cranbrook $47,600.00
Ed Fest Cranbrook $7,100.00
Summer Sounds 2024 Cranbrook $2,800.00
2024 Kootenay Childrens Festival Cranbrook $3,500.00
Key City Theatre 2025 January Production: Mamma Mia Cranbrook $7,000.00
Wasa Lake Triathlon & Events 2024 Cranbrook $8,200.00
Spirit of the Rockies Festival 2024 Cranbrook $11,000.00
Cranbrook Beer Festival Cranbrook $6,300.00
Starbelly Jam Music Festival Crawford Bay $18,700.00
83rd Annual Creston  Valley Blossom Festival Creston $4,600.00
Hop To Vine Hustle Creston $2,000.00
2024 Creston Valley Bird Festival Creston $2,000.00
Around the Lake Give 'R Take 30 Trail Race Cultus Lake $2,400.00
Cultus Lake Day Cultus Lake $2,700.00
BC Bike Race Cumberland $117,900.00
Woodstove Music & Arts Festival Cumberland $20,000.00
Mind Over Mountain Event Co. Cumberland $13,400.00
Frontrunners Fit Chiropractic Dodge City X 2024 Cumberland $2,100.00
Dawson Creek Exhibition & Stampede Dawson Creek $101,400.00
DCDC Original Production "DOORWAYS" Dawson Creek $2,000.00
Dawson Creek Triathlon Dawson Creek $2,000.00
2024 Luminary Festival Delta $7,600.00
Day At The Farm  (DATF) Delta $2,900.00
Barnside Harvest Festival Delta $65,400.00
2024 President's Cup Lacrosse Tournament Delta $9,200.00
VCMS 2023/24 Season Finale Delta $3,100.00
Denman Baroque Festival Denman Island $2,000.00
Blackberry Jam Music Festival Denman Island $3,100.00
Doig River Rodeo Doig River $20,300.00
Noir Fest Duncan $3,000.00
156th Cowichan Exhibition Duncan $20,200.00
40th Annual Islands Folk Festival Duncan $12,800.00
June Jamboree Swim Meet Duncan $2,000.00
Naat'sa Maat Sqwalawun (One Heart One Mind) - Sharing our Voices on Quw'utsun Land Duncan $4,300.00
Maple Bay Rowing Club Junior Regatta Duncan $2,000.00
Robson Valley Music Festival Dunster $11,100.00
Steamboat Mountain Music Festival (Thirteenth Annual) Edgewater $3,700.00
Hi Neighbour Days Festival Errington $2,000.00
Franco Fest 2025 Esquimalt $8,400.00
Wicked Woods Music Festival Fairmont Hot Springs $67,300.00
The 104th Falkland Stampede Falkland $16,100.00
The Fernie Gravel Grind Fernie $4,100.00
Fernie Fox Invitational Swim Meet 2024 Fernie $3,000.00
Evolution Fitness Fall Blast Swim Meet 2024 Fernie $3,000.00
Kootenay Zone Ski Race Fernie $2,000.00
Wednesday Social Fernie $5,500.00
Griz Days Fernie $7,700.00
Elk Valley Pride Festival Fernie $5,800.00
Mogul Smoker Winter Celebration Fernie $3,600.00
Fernie Canada & BC Cup Downhill Race Fernie $2,100.00
Fernival 2025 Fernie $2,000.00
Wapiti Music Festival Fernie $20,600.00
Music on the Mountain Festival Fort St James $5,900.00
Working Towards The Future Together (Truth and Reconciliation) Fort St. James $2,000.00
Canada Day Celebrations Fort St. James $2,200.00
Studio 2 Stage Christmas Recital 2024 Fort St. John $2,000.00
Studio 2 Stage Spring Recital Fort St. John $2,000.00
BC Long Track Championships Fort St. John $2,000.00
High on Ice Fort St. John $22,300.00
Canadian Junior Long Track Championships/Canadian NeoJunior Long Track Championships Fort St. John $4,000.00
Canadian Youth Long Track Championships Fort St. John $2,900.00
Spring Breakup Party Fort St. John $3,300.00
Performing Arts BC Provincial Festival Fort St. John $8,100.00
The Amaryllis Gabriola Island $3,500.00
The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Gabriola Island $4,300.00
Gabriola Theatre Festival Gabriola Island $2,000.00
Active / Passive Vol. 6 Galiano Island $6,800.00
Son of the White Mare Galiano Island $2,000.00
BioSonic! 2025 Galiano Island $2,500.00
Musical Walkalong 2024 Galiano Island $2,000.00
Dances on Water at Gibsons Oceanfest Gibson $2,000.00
Gibsons Landing Jazz Festival and Beyond Gibson $2,000.00
FWT Kicking Horse Golden BC Pro Golden $108,600.00
Psychosis 25th Anniversary Golden $4,100.00
Delbert Johnson Memorial Jackpot Golden $2,000.00
Golden Ultra Golden $14,800.00
Golden Rush Golden $6,700.00
Grand Forks and District Fall Fair Grand Forks $2,000.00
Harrison Dragon Boat Festival Harrison Hot Springs $3,200.00
Harrison Festival of the Arts Harrison Hot Springs $19,700.00
Tree Lighting Ceremony at Lights by the Lake Harrison Hot Springs $5,400.00
75th Anniversary Celebration Harrison Hot Springs $2,000.00
Kispiox Valley Music Festival Hazelton $8,500.00
Concerts in the Park Hope $2,000.00
Thunder in the Valley Hope $2,600.00
Sunday Sessions Hornby Island $2,000.00
The Hornby Festival (2024) Hornby Island $14,900.00
Arts on the Fly 2024 Horsefly $3,200.00
4th Annual Peace Valley Folk Festival Hudson's Hope $5,100.00
Garden of Lights Invermere $5,200.00
Invermere Film Festival Invermere $3,800.00
IFF Monthly Movie Nights Invermere $2,100.00
Heart of the Rockies Triathlon & Gran Fondo Invermere $4,500.00
Bonspiel on the Lake Invermere $2,000.00
T'kemlups 2 Rivers Remix Festival Kamloops $53,900.00
2024 Kamloops Legacy Wheelchair Tennis Tournament Kamloops $3,300.00
Kamloops 7s 2024 Kamloops $15,100.00
Hydra Festival Kamloops $2,000.00
Canada Day Multicultural Event 2024 Kamloops $10,000.00
Kamloops Flavor Festopia Kamloops $10,600.00
2024 Dunbar Summer Series Kamloops $8,700.00
Cactus Classic Nationals Kamloops $2,000.00
Doomsday Disc Golf Series Kamloops $2,000.00
Kamloops Wine Festival Kamloops $6,800.00
43rd Annual Kamloopa Powwow Kamloops $20,700.00
2025 National Aboriginal Hockey Championships Kamloops $22,200.00
2024 BC Summer Provincial Championships Kamloops $2,900.00
Children's Arts Festival 2024 Kamloops $3,900.00
Art in the Park Kamloops $2,000.00
Volleyball Canada University and College Beach Nationals Kamloops $2,800.00
Santa Claus Parade Kamloops $2,000.00
Drew's KamComedyFest Kamloops $2,800.00
2024 Dynamic Discs Tournament Capital Open Kamloops $5,300.00
29th Annual Kamloops Film Festival Kamloops $22,000.00
Kamloops Highland Games Kamloops $2,900.00
Kamloops International Buskers Festival Kamloops $3,500.00
Jeremy Dutcher & the KSO Kamloops $6,600.00
Easter Eggcitement Kamloops $3,100.00
2024 BC Soccer Girls and Boys A +B Cup Provincial Championships Kamloops $5,800.00
Oktoberfest 2024 Kamloops $5,200.00
Cheers Club Block Party Kamloops $4,900.00
Theatre Under the Trees 2024 Kamloops $14,000.00
Little Red Warrior & His Lawyer by Kevin Loring Kamloops $18,200.00
2024 FireFit World and Canadian Championships Kamloops $14,100.00
Twin Rivers Strengthfest Kamloops $4,000.00
Beauty and the Beast Kamloops $45,700.00
31st Annual Kaslo Jazz Etc. Festival Kaslo $87,900.00
Fireside Festival Kelowna $20,000.00
Flavours of the World: A Wine & Food Adventure Kelowna $6,900.00
BC Girls and Boys Junior (U19) Championship Kelowna $4,200.00
2025 Welcome to Paradise Para Snowboard World Cup Kelowna $18,300.00
Kelowna Maple Fest 2024 Kelowna $2,800.00
Canadian Country Music Week Kelowna $200,000.00
Celebrate Canada Day-Kelowna 2024 Kelowna $11,200.00
New York New Years Kelowna $4,600.00
Arts on the Avenue Kelowna $2,800.00
Diner en Blanc Okanagan Kelowna $6,100.00
Kelowna Wine Country Runs Kelowna $12,000.00
Kelowna Ribfest Kelowna $13,700.00
Kelowna Car and Bike Show Kelowna $4,600.00
Living Things International Arts Festival Kelowna $12,600.00
Knox Mountain Downhill Kelowna $2,000.00
May Long Course swim Meet Kelowna $2,000.00
Macbeth Kelowna $10,500.00
Kelowna ComiCon Kelowna $4,600.00
Slide with Pride-Inclusion on Ice Kelowna $2,900.00
Kelowna NHL Showdown 2024 Kelowna $13,200.00
Kelowna Pride Festival Kelowna $5,500.00
SunFlicker Kelowna $2,100.00
Kelowna International Fringe Festival Kelowna $11,500.00
Kelowna Fan Experience Kelowna $11,600.00
Opera Under the Stars Kelowna $2,600.00
NESTFEST Kelowna $13,500.00
Rock The Lake Kelowna $86,400.00
Boots n Brews Festival Kelowna $101,200.00
STIHL TIMBERSPORTS National Championships Kelowna $33,400.00
Denim on the Diamond Kelowna $108,000.00
Kelowna Beer Fest Kelowna $25,800.00
Montana’s Brier 2025 Kelowna $185,700.00
The 2024 Okanagan Guitar Festival Kelowna $2,000.00
Agassiz Fall Fair & Corn Festival Kent $7,200.00
Winter Night Lights Kent $2,000.00
Similkameen Sizzle Keremeos $2,000.00
Snow Fiesta Kimberley $2,000.00
2024 South Cariboo Garlic Festival Lac La Hache $2,500.00
Arts on the Avenue Ladysmith $2,100.00
Ladysmith Festival of Lights Ladysmith $6,400.00
Ladysmith Show and Shine Ladysmith $2,000.00
Otherworld 2024 Lake Cowichan $42,000.00
Laketown Shakedown 2024 Lake Cowichan $200,000.00
Cowichan Valley Bluegrass Festival Lake Cowichan $11,900.00
Sunfest Country Music Festival Lake Cowichan $200,000.00
Winter Fair Lake Cowichan $2,000.00
Cowichan Crusher Gravel Fondo Lake Cowichan $3,400.00
Island FanCon Langford $21,900.00
Change Makers Gathering Festival Langford $5,300.00
Canada Day Celebration Langford $4,100.00
The Station Food Truck & Music Festival Langford $3,300.00
Classic Rock Weekend Langford $28,400.00
Langford Bacon Beer and Bourbon Festival Langford $8,000.00
Langford Beer Festival Langford $13,600.00
Aldergrove Fair Langley $6,900.00
BC Basketball Festival Langley $21,900.00
Summer Production A Winters Tale Langley $5,200.00
3X3 Clutch Spring Tournament Langley $2,100.00
3X3 Clutch Summer Tournament Langley $3,300.00
3X3 Clutch Circuit Langley $16,500.00
2025 BC School Sports Basketball Championships Langley $44,800.00
Community Day Langley $6,200.00
Magic of Christmas Langley $3,500.00
Sounds of Summer Concert Series Langley $2,000.00
Township of Langley 2024 Canada Day Celebrations Langley $4,500.00
Men's and Women's BC Championship Langley $15,000.00
Arts Alive! Festival Langley $7,200.00
Fort Langley Cranberry Festival Langley $4,100.00
Fort Langley Jazz & Arts Festival Langley $36,100.00
Outdoor Fine Arts Festival Langley $2,000.00
Langley Global Fest Langley $4,200.00
Langley Flippers Invitational Swim Meet Langley $2,000.00
Carnavalito on the Road 2024 Langley $19,400.00
A Celebration of Land Water and Music Langley $3,500.00
Brewhalla Festivals Fort Langley Langley $15,400.00
Garden Grooves and Grills Country Gala Langley $2,000.00
The Summer Social Langley $2,100.00
Food Truck Wars Langley $8,500.00
Canadian Premier Langley $163,800.00
BC Open Langley $114,100.00
Summer Fort Classic Langley $106,800.00
BC Match Play Golf Tournament Langley $4,600.00
Spring April Fools Bonspiel 2025 Lillooet $2,000.00
Route 99 Cruz-In 2024 Lillooet $2,000.00
BCRA Annual Interlakes Rodeo Lone Butte $3,600.00
Lumby Days Family Festival Lumby $5,200.00
ash EETLemsh a demEEwh:   Songs of the Land Lytton $7,600.00
WinterQuest Mackenzie $2,000.00
May Day 2024 Madeira Park $2,100.00
MapleRidge150 Maple Ridge $53,600.00
GEWC King Cash Maple Ridge $2,000.00
BC Masters Maple Ridge $2,000.00
Haney Neptunes Invitational Swim Competition Maple Ridge $2,000.00
Maple Ridge 2024 BC Summer Games Maple Ridge $72,100.00
Maple Ridge Caribbean Festival Maple Ridge $6,600.00
Music on the Wharf Maple Ridge $2,000.00
Country Fest 2024 Maple Ridge $7,900.00
Acknowledging Indigenous Resilience Maple Ridge $2,000.00
Celebrate Earth Day in Maple Ridge Maple Ridge $2,000.00
RMSC Spring Invitational Maple Ridge $2,400.00
Canadian Multiculturalism Day - 2024 Maple Ridge $3,500.00
Campbell Bay Music Festival 2024 Mayne Island $16,500.00
Bass Coast Festival Merritt $200,000.00
Burn in the Forest Merritt $27,000.00
64th Annual Nicola Valley Professional Rodeo Merritt $11,100.00
Twilight Concert Series Mission $3,300.00
Canada Day at Fraser River heritage Park Mission $2,000.00
28th annual Fraser Valley Children's Festival Mission $2,700.00
Fraser Valley Pride Celebration Mission $2,400.00
British Columbia Historic Motor Races  (BCHMR) Mission $3,700.00
Pemican Days 2024 Moberly Lake $20,000.00
Westmo Days Moberly Lake $10,800.00
St’at’imc Powwow Mount Currie $28,600.00
Maple Sugar Festival du Sucre d'Erable Nanaimo $9,600.00
Canada Day Celebration Nanaimo $3,300.00
African Connections Festival Nanaimo $6,400.00
InFrinGinG Dance Festival Nanaimo $12,200.00
Sumsháthut Festival Nanaimo $6,600.00
Picnic in the Plaza Nanaimo $3,300.00
Winterfest 2024 Nanaimo $4,800.00
Westwood Lake Triathlon Nanaimo $4,200.00
Nanaimo Marine Festival & Great International World Championship Bathtub Race Nanaimo $8,000.00
Nanaimo Blues Festival Nanaimo $18,300.00
2025 MSABC Provincial Championships Nanaimo $2,200.00
Fiddelium Concert Nanaimo $2,000.00
Live at the Shaw - Bright Futures 2025 Nanaimo $3,200.00
Long Course Vancouver Island Regional Nanaimo $2,000.00
Community Through Song Nanaimo $2,600.00
Nanaimo Fringe Festival Nanaimo $11,300.00
The Youth Flame Nanaimo $2,000.00
Nanaimo Artwalk Nanaimo $2,000.00
Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Nanaimo $2,200.00
The Vancouver Island Short Film Festival Nanaimo $2,300.00
Vancouver Island Exhibition-Annual Agricultural Fair Nanaimo $22,400.00
2024 Summer Pop-Up Concert Series Nanaimo $4,400.00
Legally Blonde: The Musical Nelson $6,600.00
Nelson International Mural Festival Nelson $17,300.00
The STOODIS Indigenous Film Festival Nelson $4,700.00
Polka Dot Dragon Lantern Festival Nelson $2,100.00
Singletrack 6 Nelson $22,300.00
Columbia Basin Culture Tour Nelson $3,000.00
Coastal Dance Festival 2025 New Westminster $10,200.00
RiverFest New Westminster $2,300.00
Performing Arts & Technology All Ages Festival New Westminster $29,300.00
New West Pride Festival & Pride Week New Westminster $9,000.00
Mary Poppins New Westminster $27,000.00
Mamma Mia! New Westminster $27,000.00
Savage Summer Music Series New Westminster $4,500.00
Expressions of Reclamation New Westminster $2,300.00
The New West Cultural Crawl New Westminster $2,000.00
Uptown Live New Westminster $11,600.00
Cowichan Challenge North Cowichan $2,500.00
Our Earth Film Festival North Vancouver $2,000.00
The Ocean Film Festival Canada North Vancouver $3,400.00
Bastille Day Festival North Vancouver $2,000.00
Polish Festival Vancouver North Vancouver $3,100.00
STAND Festival North Vancouver $18,000.00
North Shore Jazz Series North Vancouver $6,900.00
Long Summer Nights at The Shipyards North Vancouver $7,200.00
Artemis’ Embrace North Vancouver $2,000.00
Shipyards Festival 2024 North Vancouver $13,800.00
Summer Lov'in North Vancouver $10,900.00
Dutch Festival - Koningsdag 2024 North Vancouver $2,400.00
North Shore Triathlon North Vancouver $4,300.00
Arts in the Garden 2024 North Vancouver $4,500.00
On Your Block North Vancouver $2,700.00
Brewahlla Festivals- North Vancouver North Vancouver $10,500.00
Buckin' Hell North Vancouver $6,800.00
SING! Vancouver North Vancouver $2,600.00
Vancouver Cheese and Meat Festival North Vancouver $6,200.00
Deckchair Cinema North Vancouver $2,900.00
The Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival North Vancouver $19,600.00
The Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival - Summer Fest North Vancouver $4,400.00
Vancouver Classical Guitar Festival 2024 North Vancouver $2,000.00
Oliver Triathlon Weekend Oliver $12,900.00
Nostalgia Wines Show Shine n Wine Oliver $2,000.00
Meadowlark Nature Festival Oliver $5,300.00
Okanagan Winter Wine Festival Oliver $4,200.00
South Okanagan Concert Series Oliver $2,900.00
Venables Theatre Presents Ballet Jorgen Oliver $2,000.00
Half Corked Marathon Oliver $27,200.00
Wine Capital Weekend Oliver $12,500.00
Pride Winter Ball Oliver $2,000.00
Romancing the Desert Osoyoos $2,500.00
Osoyoos Music in the Park - expansion Osoyoos $3,600.00
Pride Arts Festival Osoyoos $2,000.00
Nipika Panorama Loppet Weekend Panorama $2,300.00
Route 19A Music Festival Parksville $5,100.00
The McMillan Art Centre 2024 Performance Series: Music and Stories Parksville $2,000.00
North Peace Fall Fair Peace River $8,000.00
Pemberton Mountain Muse Festival Pemberton $2,100.00
Slow Food Cycle Sunday Pemberton $2,400.00
XTERRA Pemberton Trail Run Pemberton $2,000.00
Pender Islands Fall Fair Pender Island $3,200.00
2024 Mosaic Arts Festival Pender Island $4,200.00
The CRISP Festival Pender Island $3,000.00
Okanagan Valley Throwdown Penticton $3,700.00
Regional District of Penticton Penticton $9,300.00
2025 Apex Classic Moguls Penticton $2,300.00
2025 Apex NorAm Moguls Penticton $2,000.00
Pickleball tournament Penticton $2,000.00
Ride The Cyclone Penticton $3,200.00
Frost Fest Winter Carnival Penticton $7,300.00
Hayman Desert Classic Penticton $2,700.00
Okanagan Trestles Tour Penticton $9,100.00
Ha Ha Ha Kidzfest Penticton $9,500.00
IRONMAN Canada - Penticton Penticton $124,000.00
Okanagan Granfondo Penticton Penticton $61,600.00
Okanagan Spring Wine Festival Penticton $8,400.00
Okanagan Fall Wine Festival Penticton $3,600.00
Ignite the Arts Festival Penticton $17,500.00
Peach City Beach Cruise Penticton $13,700.00
Penticton Dragonboat Festival Penticton $9,100.00
Penticton Scottish Festival Penticton $11,200.00
Peach Classic Triathlon Penticton $6,500.00
Summercamp Rib & Music Festival Penticton $14,900.00
Pentastic Hot Jazz & Music Festival Penticton $14,600.00
The Penti-Con Penticton $2,600.00
Nufloors Penticton Curling Classic Penticton $15,600.00
Penticton Curling Club Mixed Doubles Classic Penticton $4,700.00
The Penticton Peach Festival Penticton $31,700.00
Kettle Mettle Dirty Fondo Penticton $3,800.00
Canada Day Pitt Meadows $2,000.00
Christmas in Pitt Meadows Pitt Meadows $2,000.00
Pitt Meadows Day Pitt Meadows $9,100.00
She Plays Golf Festival Pitt Meadows $9,100.00
BC Women's Open Golf Tournament Pitt Meadows $8,600.00
The Five Acre Shaker Port Alberni $17,500.00
The Alberni Spooktacular Port Alberni $5,600.00
u20C Provincial Championships Port Alberni $2,500.00
Canadian Western u17 Championships Port Alberni $2,000.00
Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam Comedy Classic (a series of 6 dates) Port Coquitlam $2,900.00
BC Polish Festival Port Coquitlam $2,100.00
Port Coquitlam May Days Festival and Parade Port Coquitlam $18,000.00
Canada Day in Port Coquitlam Port Coquitlam $25,200.00
Port Coquitlam Winter in the Square Port Coquitlam $4,900.00
Festival of Lights Port Hardy $2,400.00
North Island Music Festival Port McNeill $5,800.00
Port Moody Comedy Classic (Series of 9 Events) Port Moody $3,900.00
Port Moody Golden Spike Days 2024 Port Moody $25,900.00
Canada Day Challenge Port Moody $2,000.00
Song and Surf Festival 2025 Port Renfrew $11,200.00
Celebrate Canada Day Powell River $2,200.00
PRISMA Festival Powell River $24,900.00
International Choral Kathaumixw Powell River $22,400.00
Memento Mori Festival Powell River $6,000.00
qathet international film festival Powell River $3,900.00
Sunshine Music Festival Powell River $4,100.00
Townsite Jazz Festival Powell River $7,200.00
Celebrate PG Prince George $7,900.00
Clint Black concert Prince George $11,000.00
Performing Arts Series Prince George $7,300.00
CrossRoads Summer Street Festival  Series Prince George $14,900.00
2025 Downtown Winterfest Prince George $2,600.00
Hungry for Laughs Comedy Tour Prince George $25,800.00
National Indigenous Peoples Day at The Exploration Place Prince George $2,000.00
Steam Days of Summer Prince George $2,000.00
Community Moves Prince George $2,800.00
Behind Veiled Eyes Prince George $2,400.00
Northern FanCon Prince George $21,700.00
Foreman Farms Sunflower Festival Prince George $5,200.00
British Columbia Northern Exhibition Prince George $34,600.00
2024 Downtown Summerfest Saturdays Prince George $2,900.00
Coldsnap (2025) - the prince george winter music festival Prince George $19,700.00
Dak'et, Shun Inli 2024 Prince George $3,500.00
Prince George Speech Arts and Drama Festival 2024 Prince George $2,000.00
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Prince George $12,600.00
Festival North (previously Spirit of the North Classical Music Festival) Prince George $6,300.00
2025 Special Olympics BC Summer Games Prince George $33,800.00
2024 BC Gourmet Arts Festival Prince George $17,200.00
NimbleFingers Winter Event Quadra Island $4,200.00
Quadra Island Festival of Chamber Music Quadra Island $2,600.00
Family Day Qualicum Beach $2,000.00
Qualicum Beach Triathlon Qualicum Beach $2,000.00
Lhtako Dene Mountain Bike Festival Quesnel $2,300.00
Show & Sale Quesnel $2,000.00
Gold City Class Rodeo 2024, 57th Annual Rodeo Quesnel $20,200.00
Revy 50 Revelstoke $2,000.00
LUNA Festival Revelstoke $17,900.00
Natural Selection Tour Revelstoke $177,200.00
Revy Paddle Fest Revelstoke $3,800.00
TranSelkirks Run Revelstoke $13,800.00
Drive-in Movie Nights Richmond $3,100.00
Fraser Valley Throwdown Richmond $4,800.00
Indoor Harry Jerome Track Classic Richmond $2,000.00
BC Cup Short Track Richmond $2,000.00
2025 Vancouver Invitational Wheelchair Rugby Tournament Richmond $5,000.00
2025 Western Canada Age Class Wrestling Championships Richmond $4,800.00
Richmond Maritime Festival Richmond $20,500.00
FreshCo Richmond Dragon Boat Festival Richmond $11,600.00
Richmond Cherry Blossom Festival Richmond $3,600.00
2024 National Dodgeball Tournament Canada Richmond $3,800.00
Metro Vancouver Feast of Fields Richmond $7,800.00
Welcoming the Sun Richmond $2,200.00
2024 BC Gymnaestrada Richmond $2,000.00
Summer Concert in the Park 2024 Richmond $2,000.00
ISKF National Seminar & Championships and International Youth Tournament Richmond $2,800.00
2025 Steveston Icebreaker 8k & New Balance Kidsrun Richmond $2,900.00
2024 Canada Open Karate Championships Richmond $5,300.00
2024 Karate BC Provincial Championships Richmond $3,800.00
Fables and Folklore Festival Richmond $2,000.00
Steveston Salmon Festival Richmond $46,500.00
Invite the Light: a Winter Solstice celebration Richmond $2,000.00
Toward the Future Richmond $4,800.00
Otosan Richmond $3,300.00
Oliver! Richmond $44,800.00
Kassandra Kaulius Memorial Women’s Softball Tournament Richmond $2,000.00
Pinnacle 2024 Richmond $5,000.00
Richmond Garlic Fest Richmond $5,000.00
Vancouver Vikings Swim Meet 2024 Richmond $2,000.00
Volleyball BC Indoor Provincial Championships Richmond $31,000.00
Roberts Creek Community Hall 90th Anniversary Roberts Creek $2,000.00
Creek Daze Roberts Creek $2,000.00
Roberts Creek Earth Day Celebration Roberts Creek $2,000.00
Slow Sundays Summer Music Series Roberts Creek $2,000.00
Rock Creek & Boundary Fall Fair Rock Creek $22,100.00
Between The Peaks Rossland $19,700.00
2024/25 Performance Series Rossland $2,200.00
Wood Carving Symposium and Arts & Culture Festival Rossland $3,700.00
Arts & Culture Festival Rossland $2,000.00
IRONMAN 70.3 Victoria Saanich $50,500.00
Goddess Run Saanich  $3,800.00
Indigenous Music Festival Saanich  $2,000.00
Elk Lake Triathlon Saanich  $5,800.00
XTERRA Victoria Saanich  $3,600.00
Medley Challenge Invitational Saanich  $2,000.00
Bennett Cup Invitational Meet Saanich  $2,000.00
2025 Canadian Little League Championships Saanich  $14,400.00
PISE Family Sport and Recreation Festival Saanich  $3,500.00
Victoria Splash and Dash Championships Saanich  $3,700.00
Victoria Track Classic Saanich  $7,300.00
2025 Canadian Swimming Trials Saanich  $17,600.00
Saanich Strawberry Festival Saanich  $3,700.00
Autumn Lantern Festival Saanich  $2,000.00
GreekFest-2024 Saanich  $25,500.00
Diwali Show - Festival of Lights Saanich  $2,000.00
Victoria Summer Music Festival 2024 Saanich  $4,400.00
Sips & Sounds Festival Saanichton $3,600.00
Saanichton Sunflower Festival Saanichton $14,800.00
Shambhala Music Festival Ltd Salmo $200,000.00
55+ BC Games 2024 - Salmon Arm Salmon Arm $36,900.00
32nd Annual ROOTSandBLUES Festival Salmon Arm $141,000.00
Salty Dog Enduro Salmon Arm $3,600.00
Loud and Proud Celebration Salmon Arm $3,600.00
Wednesday on the Wharf (WOW) Salmon Arm $4,000.00
Theatre on the Edge Festival (TotE) Salmon Arm $2,900.00
Salmon Arm Fair Salmon Arm $14,100.00
Salt Spring Pride Festival Salt Spring Island $3,900.00
Tour des Iles Festival Salt Spring Island $4,500.00
Summer Outdoor Concert Series Salt Spring Island $3,600.00
Spring Art Show Salt Spring Island $2,500.00
Salt Spring Baroque Presents Salt Spring Island $2,700.00
25th Annual Film Festival Salt Spring Island $6,100.00
Salt Spring Island Fall Fair Salt Spring Island $6,300.00
Deadman's Creek Rodeo Savona $2,600.00
Sunshine Coast Art Crawl Sechelt $4,100.00
9th annual rogue Arts Festival Sechelt $11,500.00
Hackett Goes Rogue Sechelt $2,100.00
The Rainforest Circus: Intelligence Sechelt $9,800.00
Sechelt Summer Music Series Sechelt $2,000.00
syiyaya Days Sechelt $2,500.00
Sechelt Arts Festival Sechelt $11,700.00
Sunshine Coast World Oceans Festival Sechelt $2,000.00
Salish Sea Lantern Festival Sidney $2,100.00
The ArtSea Studio Tour Sidney $2,000.00
Bulkley Valley Exhibition 2024 Smithers $39,500.00
Midsummer Music Festival Smithers $11,000.00
Sooke music and art festival Sooke $3,800.00
NimbleFingers Bluegrass & Old-Time Workshop and Festival Sorrento $21,800.00
2024 Bloom Sunflower Festival Spallumcheen $11,500.00
2025 Bloom Tulip Festival Spallumcheen $18,700.00
Film Festival Spallumcheen $2,000.00
Walk of Terror - Processional Spallumcheen $2,600.00
Coal Miner Days Sparwood $9,100.00
Desert Daze Music Festival Spences Bridge $2,900.00
5 Peaks Trail Running Series Squamish $14,400.00
Squamish Mural Walk Festival Squamish $5,400.00
Squamish Together - July 1 Squamish $5,800.00
Squamish Beer Festival Squamish $8,400.00
Squamish Off-Road Triathlon Squamish $3,700.00
Squamish Youth Triathlon Squamish $2,000.00
Dusk Squamish $11,700.00
The Squamish Enduro Squamish $8,100.00
Ryga Arts Festival Summerland $5,400.00
2024 Canada Day Celebration Summerland $2,000.00
37th Annual Summerland Festival of Lights Summerland $3,800.00
Music in the Park Summerland $2,000.00
Summerland Action Festival Summerland $3,600.00
5th Annual Sun Peaks Film Festival Sun Peaks $2,000.00
CREATE! Arts and Craft Festival Sun Peaks $2,100.00
Timber Tour (interior) Sun Peaks $6,700.00
Timber Tour Okanagan Sun Peaks $6,700.00
BC Women's Senior Championship Sun Peaks $2,800.00
Retro Concert Weekend Sun Peaks $5,800.00
Mountain Music Festival Sun Peaks $4,200.00
Softball BC U13C Regional Championship Surrey $2,000.00
Brewball Surrey $12,300.00
Canada Cup Surrey $53,100.00
2024 National Indigenous Peoples Day Event Surrey $20,400.00
Surrey Canada Day Surrey $71,000.00
Surrey Fusion Festival Surrey $89,700.00
Climate Recentered Community Fair Fest Surrey $4,100.00
Cloverdale Country Music Festival Surrey $85,000.00
Cloverdale Rodeo & Country Fair Surrey $139,700.00
Coastal FC Spring Classic Surrey $8,800.00
More Than Our Struggle: Young Black Creatives Speak Surrey $2,000.00
Premier Intl Cup Surrey $25,300.00
Premier Spring Cup Surrey $10,500.00
Premier Showcase Surrey $23,700.00
The SpongeBob Musical Surrey $6,200.00
Rapunzel Full Cast Musical Surrey $4,700.00
HMS Pinafore Surrey $5,100.00
Hilarity for Charity Surrey $4,100.00
Car Free Day Surrey 2024 Surrey $7,800.00
A Westcoast Winter with Russell Wallace Surrey $2,000.00
Spooktacular Newton Surrey $5,200.00
Salmon Sessions Music Festival Surrey $6,500.00
Renegades Canadian Pride and Power Tournament Surrey $3,300.00
The Royal Bhangra Competition Surrey $13,100.00
Sanjh 2024 Surrey $18,000.00
Sikh Heritage Month BC 2024 Surrey $6,900.00
Cloverdale Constellation Festival Surrey $98,900.00
25th Anniversary Surrey Pride Festival Surrey $9,800.00
Navratri Festival 2024 Surrey $8,800.00
FVDED In The Park Surrey $200,000.00
Music and Meditation Festival 2024 Surrey $3,500.00
5X Festival 2025 Surrey $36,700.00
2024 iSAFF Surrey $25,200.00
Bula Rugby 7s Vancouver Surrey $5,300.00
2024 MSABC Provincial Championships Surrey $2,100.00
Annual Surrey Greek Food Festival Surrey $6,200.00
112th Annual Telkwa BBQ Telkwa $7,200.00
ValhallaFest 2024 Terrace $17,300.00
Terrace Concerts in the Park Terrace $2,200.00
Hidden Acres Farm Fest Terrace $3,100.00
Texada Island Blues & Roots festival Texada Island $2,000.00
Tlell Fall Fair Tlell $2,000.00
Tofino Jazz Festival 2024 Tofino $8,100.00
Tofino Pop - Concert Series Tofino $5,900.00
Surf Games at the Village Green Tofino $2,000.00
Pacific Rim Whale Festival Tofino $3,300.00
Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation’s naaʔuu Tofino $36,800
Tofino Wine and Dine Tofino $9,100.00
Tofino Oyster Festival Tofino $6,900.00
Trail Silver City Days Trail $6,400.00
Kootenay Coffee Fest Trail $2,000.00
Music In The Park Trail $5,600.00
Grizfest Music Festival Tumbler Ridge $17,300.00
vALEfest 2024 Valemount $4,500.00
Celebration of Tourism & Chinook Salmon Release Valemount $2,000.00
Valemountain Days 2024 Valemount $2,000.00
Summer Cinema Vancouver $6,900.00
Brewery & the Beast Vancouver $64,100.00
Dance.Slumber.Party: Live Connect Vancouver $67,600.00
African Descent Heritage Month 2025 Vancouver $8,700.00
African Descent Festival (2024) Vancouver $43,800.00
Kwanzaa Celebration (2024) Vancouver $5,300.00
Africa With the Masters 2024 Vancouver $5,500.00
AHFOMAD FESTIVAL 2024 Vancouver $40,800.00
CONSTELLATIONS Vancouver $5,400.00
La Fete de la Musique 2024 Vancouver $6,500.00
V-UNFRAMED FESTIVAL 2024 Vancouver $8,600.00
Celtic Picnic Vancouver $20,200.00
Vancity Roots & Culture Experience Vancouver $5,300.00
Anirevo Summer by Anime Revolution Vancouver $74,100.00
Architecture and Design Film Festival Vancouver Vancouver $8,600.00
Arthur Erickson Centennial Celebration Vancouver $2,500.00
Artists for Conservation Festival 2024 Vancouver $16,900.00
The Radar - New Works in Progress Vancouver $2,000.00
Chinatown Winter Solstice Festival Vancouver $2,000.00
2024 TAIWANfest Vancouver Vancouver $30,800.00
2024 BC Open Vancouver $2,800.00
Pride Night at Bard Vancouver $7,700.00
Bard Access Events Vancouver $69,000.00
Bard Fireworks Nights Vancouver $30,900.00
False Creek Crab Festival Vancouver $4,600.00
BC Distilled Festival Vancouver $2,900.00
Peter Bakonyi World Cup 2024 Vancouver $25,900.00
BC Lions Orange Shirt Day Game Vancouver $21,600.00
BC Lions Concert Opener Festival Vancouver $102,300.00
2024 BCMWTA Amica Grand Prix Championships Vancouver $2,000.00
BC School Sports Football Championships Vancouver $13,000.00
2024 Vancouver International Wheelchair Tennis Tournament Vancouver $4,300.00
Blueridge Chamber Music Festival 2024 Vancouver $7,400.00
Provincial Regional Championships 2024 Vancouver $18,000.00
Singing Christmas Tree Vancouver $17,300.00
HSBC Vancouver SVNS Vancouver $200,000.00
KitsFest Vancouver $25,700.00
Eastside 10K Vancouver $23,600.00
Vancouver Half Marathon & 5K Vancouver $49,600.00
Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival Vancouver $84,400.00
Vessi 500 Championship Vancouver $9,700.00
Global Music Events Series 24-25 Vancouver $19,900.00
Carousel Theatre for Young People’s Production of Stuart Little Vancouver $14,200.00
Fair in the Square Vancouver $6,200.00
ʔəm̓ i ce:p xʷiwəl - Come Toward the Fire Vancouver $11,500.00
CURRENT 2024 Vancouver $7,300.00
Spot Prawn Festival Vancouver $3,100.00
Christmas with Chor Leoni Vancouver $13,800.00
Celebrate! Festival Vancouver $7,300.00
Vancouver Circus Festival Vancouver $6,700.00
Silent Movie Mondays Vancouver $4,400.00
National Geographic Live Vancouver $6,500.00
Summer Sounds on šxʷƛ̓exən Xwtl’a7shn (formerly the QET Plaza) Vancouver $6,100.00
What On Earth Vancouver $10,900.00
Vancouver International Jazz Festival Vancouver $153,500.00
Collingwood Days Festival Vancouver $7,900.00
Rou Garou at the Dance Centre Vancouver $3,000.00
Night is the Mother Vancouver $2,000.00
Sunday Afternoon Salsa at Robson Square Vancouver $2,000.00
Dancing on the Edge Festival 2024 Vancouver $20,800.00
aGe-n Showcase Performance Vancouver $2,000.00
The Cup 2024 Vancouver $65,400.00
Signals Vancouver $50,300.00
The 2024 Calendar Pride Event Vancouver $48,900.00
2024 Canada Day Outdoor Festival Featuring Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Vancouver $93,200.00
2024 Dooms Night Halloween Festival Vancouver $94,900.00
Granville Block Party 2024 Vancouver $20,400.00
Mid Autumn Festival 2024 Vancouver $14,700.00
2024 Enchanted Evenings Summer Series Vancouver $10,600.00
Harvest Haus Festival Vancouver $43,100.00
Vancouver Craft Beer & Music Festival Vancouver $68,300.00
Punchbowl Festival Vancouver $26,000.00
Disco Inferno Vancouver $5,500.00
CREATE! Arts Festival in the Eastside Arts District Vancouver $10,600.00
Eastside Culture Crawl - a Visual Arts, Design, & Crafts Festival Vancouver $23,800.00
The Oldest Boy Vancouver $7,800.00
2025 Ensemble Theatre Festival Vancouver $10,100.00
Exceleration Tri-It Triathlon 2024 Vancouver $2,000.00
Da LuV  ‘JAMES FEST Vancouver $5,200.00
FCRCC Knockout Dragon Boat Regatta Vancouver $2,500.00
Farmhouse Fest 2024 Vancouver $10,300.00
Whisky Smoke Vancouver $10,500.00
Rose Disco Vancouver $33,700.00
Feastival Food Fest Vancouver $20,100.00
FAHMDS Presents Black Music Month 2024 featuring SELMOR MTUKUDZI, DREMO and LIYA Vancouver $4,700.00
A Case for The Existence of God Vancouver $7,400.00
Fleurs de Villes ARTISTE at Van Duesen Gardens Vancouver $11,400.00
Battle of BC 7 Vancouver $33,000.00
GEMFest Vancouver $13,700.00
Global Relay Gastown Grand Prix Vancouver $19,100.00
Vancouver International Film Festival Vancouver $200,000.00
Greek Summerfest 2024 Vancouver $28,800.00
Greek Day on Broadway Vancouver $18,200.00
Greek Food Festival Vancouver $6,900.00
Whisky Global Vancouver & Kelowna Vancouver $17,500.00
Hopscotch Festival Vancouver Vancouver $31,600.00
Go By Bike Week Vancouver $10,400.00
Hustle Van Jamme Dance Festival Vancouver $2,000.00
Indian Summer Festival Vancouver $44,900.00
Ratha Yatra Parade & Festival of Arts & Culture Vancouver $6,600.00
Italian Day on The Drive Vancouver $40,700.00
JUST FOR LAUGHS VANCOUVER Vancouver $192,600.00
Adnan Sami Live in Vancouver: Mothers Day Vancouver $19,800.00
Latin American Heritage Month Festival 2024 Vancouver $31,100.00
Carnaval del Sol and Latin American Experience Festival (CSOL) Vancouver $69,500.00
25th annual Festival d'été francophone de Vancouver 2024 Vancouver $22,900.00
Naṭaṉam Vancouver $2,000.00
LMG Alt Comedy Weekend Vancouver $2,000.00
Coast City Country Vancouver $200,000.00
Marpole Community Day Vancouver $2,000.00
McSpadden County Fair Vancouver $2,000.00
2025 MENA Film Festival Vancouver $12,000.00
Compound Vancouver $34,500.00
Watson St. Music Festival Vancouver $2,000.00
Plaza Jams Vancouver $2,000.00
Khatsahlano Street Party 2024 Vancouver $27,800.00
Vancouver Triathlon Vancouver $8,300.00
Big Bang Festival Vancouver $8,600.00
Music on Main's 13th Modulus Festival Vancouver $11,300.00
Ki'mola: musica intima & Marion Newman Vancouver $3,900.00
The New Canon Vancouver $2,000.00
Muzewest Concerts presents INTERWOVEN Music Ensemble Vancouver $2,000.00
Muzewest Concerts presents the Cicchillitti-Cowan Guitar Duo Vancouver $2,000.00
Muzewest Concerts presents the Hafu Project Vancouver $2,000.00
New Forms Festival Vancouver $11,900.00
Pop Up Dances Festival Vancouver $9,800.00
Normie Fest: Summer Sessions Vancouver $12,800.00
Vancouver Polo Fest Vancouver $26,700.00
Matriarchs Uprising Vancouver $10,800.00
PechaKucha Night Vancouver $5,000.00
PNE Fair Vancouver $200,000.00
PNE Winter Fair Vancouver $200,000.00
Paradise Island - Summer Series Vancouver $2,600.00
A Week In Paradise Vancouver $4,500.00
Pinoy Fiesta Vancouver $2,900.00
Be The Light Vancouver $2,000.00
Fitness is Such a Drag Vancouver $2,600.00
48th Annual Powell Street Festival Vancouver $38,500.00
Unscripted: Postcards to my Younger Transsexual Self Vancouver $3,100.00
Public Disco Summer Concert Series Vancouver $12,500.00
PuSh International Performing Arts Festival Vancouver $122,200.00
The Colosseum Vancouver $9,100.00
IndieFest 2024 Vancouver $17,900.00
2024-2025 DBLSPK Program Vancouver $6,900.00
Root Dwellers Music Showcase Vancouver $4,600.00
Vancouver International Flamenco Festival Vancouver $22,400.00
WXV1 Vancouver $200,000.00
Men's 15s v Japan Vancouver $34,700.00
Tremors 2025 Vancouver $9,200.00
Vancouver Sun Run Vancouver $172,500.00
VIVO's Annual Media Arts Event Series Vancouver $20,100.00
Subversions Vancouver $18,300.00
31st Annual Winter Solstice Lantern Festival Vancouver $9,700.00
Dorrance Dance in Vancouver Vancouver $12,900.00
Presentation of Social Tango Project Vancouver $14,500.00
Presentation of Peeping Tom's Diptych Vancouver $16,700.00
Monsoon Festival of Performing Arts Vancouver $35,100.00
South Granville Summer Sounds Vancouver $10,000.00
Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival Vancouver $11,800.00
2024 Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Festival Vancouver $19,300.00
U14 Fischer Junior Indoor Nationals Vancouver $3,400.00
2024 Stanley Park Open Vancouver $19,500.00
Groundhog Day Halloween Cabaret Vancouver $9,800.00
The Gay Agenda Pride Weekend Festival Vancouver $11,900.00
Vancouver Chinatown Spring Festival Parade Vancouver $33,800.00
Vancouver Chinatown Canada Day Celebration Vancouver $13,200.00
Vancouver Chinatown Remembrance Day Ceremony Vancouver $13,600.00
DOXA Documentary Film Festival 2024 Vancouver $46,900.00
CALL ME CC Vancouver $2,400.00
The Parade of Lost Souls Vancouver $5,200.00
The Queer Arts Festival Vancouver $20,900.00
2024 Jade Music Festival Vancouver $20,000.00
2025 LNY Splash Vancouver $12,800.00
Museum of Anthropology Re-Opening Celebrations Vancouver $9,900.00
Vancouver Polar Bear Swim Vancouver $9,600.00
THE HEAT Vancouver $6,700.00
The Vancouver Writers Festival Vancouver $71,400.00
The Vancouver Queer Film Festival Vancouver $64,500.00
Bootleggers x Pixel Summer Festival Vancouver $22,000.00
HOLD ON LET GO (formerly PushOFF) Vancouver $5,700.00
CONTACT Vancouver $119,500.00
HAPPYLAND Vancouver $25,600.00
Sadhana: A Journey Into Indian Dance Vancouver $3,300.00
Great Outdoor Comedy Fest - Stanley Park Vancouver $200,000.00
TPE 20th Anniversary Concert Vancouver $3,100.00
Canadian Beach Ultimate Championships Vancouver $2,000.00
Pista Ng Bayan Vancouver $11,800.00
Celebrating 75 Years of Canada-Philippine Diplomatic Relations | Flag Raising Ceremony Vancouver $2,400.00
59th Annual Mel Zajac Jr. International Swim Meet Vancouver $8,500.00
rEvolver Festival Vancouver $16,900.00
VAMS Concert Series Vancouver $3,300.00
The Frontliners Vancouver $11,000.00
19th Mighty Asian Moviemaking Marathon Screening and Gala Vancouver $3,500.00
28th Annual Vancouver Asian Film Festival Vancouver $26,400.00
World of Music Vancouver $2,400.00
2024 Vancouver International Black Film Festival – 4th Ed. Vancouver $31,400.00
Beach Vancouver $2,900.00
Sakura Days Japan Fair Vancouver $18,000.00
The Big Picnic Vancouver $9,200.00
Light Up Chinatown! Vancouver $42,300.00
Taste of Chinatown! Vancouver $16,300.00
Celebrating Canada’s Day - Multi-ethnic Event 2025 Vancouver $2,000.00
Hello, Spring 2024! Vancouver $2,000.00
40th Anniversary concert - Four Decades of Harmony Vancouver $6,800.00
Open-House Performance Series Vancouver $2,000.00
Femme Festival Vancouver $11,200.00
Summerfast 10K 2024 Vancouver $2,000.00
Honda Celebration of Light Vancouver $200,000.00
Vancouver Folk Music Festival Vancouver $154,600.00
Vancouver Fringe Festival Vancouver $82,500.00
Vancouver Open Golf Championship Vancouver $16,900.00
Vancouver Improv Festival Vancouver $3,000.00
Vancouver International Children's Festival  (VICF) Vancouver $83,300.00
The 2025 Vancouver International Dance Festival Vancouver $34,600.00
Granville Island Turkey Trot Vancouver $8,800.00
First Half Vancouver $14,100.00
BMO Vancouver Marathon Vancouver $200,000.00
46th annual Vancouver International Wine Festival Vancouver $122,800.00
Latin Expressions - A Celebration of Latin American Heritage Month Festival Vancouver $7,100.00
Vancouver Latin American Film Festival Vancouver $17,000.00
21st Annual Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival (2024) Vancouver $36,600.00
VNM Festival: Liminal Spaces Vancouver $10,700.00
Stefano Maiorana Vancouver $2,700.00
VOICES: Free Concert Series Vancouver $6,600.00
Verses Festival of Words Vancouver $6,100.00
Canada Pride 2024 Vancouver $114,900.00
VANCOUVER PUNJABI MELA 2024 Vancouver $9,000.00
An Evening with Yo-Yo Ma, in Conversation Vancouver $21,100.00
tenThing Brass Ensemble Vancouver $7,500.00
Barbara Hannigan and Bertrand Chamayou Vancouver $8,400.00
Vancouver Short Film Festival Vancouver $4,100.00
Early Music Vancouver Summer Festival - Bach Untamed Vancouver $25,000.00
VSO’s Day of Music 2024 Vancouver $19,800.00
Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival Vancouver $4,600.00
Longest Day Road Race Vancouver $3,900.00
Art Vancouver International Art Fair Vancouver $28,300.00
Art Downtown Vancouver $5,900.00
Chutzpah! Festival of International Jewish Performing Arts Vancouver $25,700.00
Harvest Days Vancouver $7,500.00
Sweet Sounds of Summer Vancouver $5,000.00
Dance in Vancouver Vancouver $25,300.00
Verboden Festival Vancouver $5,800.00
Vines Art Festival Vancouver $23,300.00
Vancouver Open Beach Volleyball Tournament Vancouver $20,700.00
Volleyball BC Beach Provincial Championships Vancouver $4,400.00
West Coast Tap Dance Festival Vancouver $2,000.00
Vancouver All British Field Meet (ABFM) Vancouver $5,500.00
Four Fires Festival Vancouver $21,700.00
HAVE A SENIOR MOMENT FESTIVAL (HASMF) 2024 Vancouver $3,000.00
Yes Shef Vancouver $12,100.00
Illuminate Yaletown Vancouver $16,500.00
Candytown 2024 Vancouver $19,600.00
Every Day She Rose - Original Theatrical Performance Vancouver $10,200.00
Vanderhoof Canada Day Celebration 2024 Vanderhoof $2,000.00
Sundog Festival of Arts and Culture Vernon $8,300.00
Slay the Dragon Vernon $3,400.00
Caetani Summer Music & Arts Festival Vernon $2,100.00
Polson Park Palooza Vernon $2,000.00
Bombshell Enduro Vernon $2,000.00
Sounds of Celebration presented by The Okanagan Military Tattoo Vernon $20,100.00
2025 Sunshine Days Short Film Festival Vernon $3,400.00
Cowboy Festival and Cook-Off 2024 Vernon $2,700.00
A Victorian Christmas Carol Vernon $2,900.00
TheatreBC Ozone Drama Festival Vernon $2,000.00
Silver Star Beer & Cider Fest Vernon $3,000.00
Silver Star Slopeside Summer Music Series Vernon $11,500.00
Crankworx Summer Series at SilverStar Vernon $23,500.00
Funtastic Slo Pitch and Music Festival Vernon $40,300.00
North Okanagan Children's Festival Vernon $4,800.00
Summer BMX Festival Vernon $2,000.00
2024 Summer Divisionals Swim Meet - North & Interior Regions Vernon $2,000.00
Punjabi Folk and Pop Music Festival Vernon $2,000.00
Vernon Winter Carnival Society Vernon $19,500.00
Culinaire Victoria $20,500.00
Whiskey Business Victoria $8,800.00
Design Victoria Victoria $3,100.00
The Art Gallery Paint-In Victoria $12,600.00
In Sight Festival Victoria $2,000.00
World Accordion and Tango Festival Victoria $5,900.00
Touchdown Pacific Victoria $152,500.00
Victoria One Act Play Festival Victoria $2,000.00
Pacific Cup Victoria $10,900.00
Victoria Folk Music Festival Victoria $44,000.00
The Village Block Party Victoria $7,300.00
Short Circuit Pacific Rim Film Festival Victoria $3,500.00
Victoria's Canada Day Victoria $31,100.00
Summer Concert Series at Willows Beach Victoria $2,000.00
Lights of Wonder 2024 Victoria $35,800.00
Baroque Opera Event: Aci, Galatea e Polifemo Victoria $12,700.00
Bloom Choral Concert Victoria $2,500.00
FernFest 2024 Victoria $9,300.00
Oak Bay Half Marathon, Relay, 10K & Kids Run Victoria $8,400.00
Wonderment Festival 2024 (9th Edition) Victoria $9,000.00
124th Victoria Day Parade Victoria $15,600.00
42nd Santa Claus Parade Victoria $8,400.00
Impulse Summer Presentation Series Victoria $3,600.00
2025 OUTstages Festival Victoria $13,100.00
2025 INcoming Festival Victoria $11,800.00
Victoria Fringe Festival Victoria $29,200.00
Kaleidoscope's Family FUNdays Victoria $2,000.00
Rendez-vous Victoria Victoria $13,900.00
We are all climate disaster survivors: testimonies from a changing world Victoria $9,400.00
KIN 2 - A Showcase of Contemporary Dance Victoria $3,500.00
Race to Alaska Victoria $18,100.00
Western Canadian Beach Sprint Championships Victoria $2,000.00
Recovery Day Victoria Victoria $6,600.00
OPEN AIR FESTIVAL Victoria $13,300.00
Canada West Performing Arts Festival Victoria $5,200.00
Phillips Backyard Festival Series Victoria $103,900.00
Victoria Half Triathlon Victoria $10,700.00
Harriers Thetis Lake Trail Running Series Victoria $2,000.00
Rifflandia Festival Victoria $200,000.00
Antimatter [media art] Victoria $8,100.00
TC10K Victoria $39,300.00
Victoria International Wine Festival Victoria $13,400.00
Aunty Collective - National Indigenous Peoples Day Celebration Victoria $20,700.00
The Function Festival Victoria $7,400.00
Victoria Classic Boat Festival Victoria $8,900.00
Baby Jam Festival - Performances for the Very Young Victoria $2,400.00
tsukinocon Victoria $5,000.00
Great Canadian Beer Festival 30th Anniversary Victoria $33,500.00
Baroque Festival 2025 - Love, Hope and Heaven on Earth Victoria $3,500.00
Focus on Strings Victoria $2,000.00
Joy of Life Concerts 2024 Victoria $2,000.00
Island Open Victoria $3,000.00
Victoria Dragon Boat Festival Victoria $10,200.00
Victoria Festival of Authors 2024 Victoria $7,500.00
161st Victoria Highland Games & Celtic Festival Victoria $22,100.00
Victoria Film Festival Victoria $55,000.00
Harbour Blues 'n Roots Festival Victoria $27,400.00
TD Victoria International JazzFest Victoria $79,900.00
Royal Victoria Marathon Victoria $67,500.00
The Beachlands Victoria Open Victoria $52,400.00
Choral Concert of Monteverdi’s 1610 Vespers Victoria $3,200.00
Victoria Pride Festival 2024 Victoria $21,900.00
Symphony in the Summer Festival Victoria $20,600.00
VCC Signature Concert - Sounds of Spring Victoria $2,000.00
Signature Christmas Concert Victoria $2,000.00
A WONDERHEADS Christmas Carol at the McPherson Playhouse Victoria $7,400.00
ArtsWells Festival of All Things Art Wells $14,300.00
West Kelowna Music in the Park 2024 West Kelowna $9,200.00
Okanagan Feast of Fields West Kelowna $2,000.00
Okanagan Wildfire Responders Gratitude Event West Kelowna $3,500.00
VegFest Kelowna West Kelowna $2,000.00
Westside Multiculturalism Day 2024 West Kelowna $2,000.00
Westside Daze West Kelowna $18,800.00
Ambleside Music Festival 2024 West Vancouver $154,300.00
Coho Festival 2024 West Vancouver $13,400.00
Harmony Arts Festival West Vancouver $38,600.00
West Vancouver Community Cultural Fest West Vancouver $12,500.00
Daniel Lanois Trio West Vancouver $2,000.00
Handel’s Dixit Dominus & Bach’s Christ Lag in Todesbanden West Vancouver $2,500.00
A Baroque Christmas West Vancouver $2,700.00
The French Connection West Vancouver $2,900.00
Joyful, Brilliant, Sharing West Vancouver $2,000.00
Amalgamation Day Festival 2024 West Vancouver $8,800.00
Empowering Voices and Uniting Generations West Vancouver $2,100.00
Jazz Waves 2024 West Vancouver $2,100.00
53rd FIL Luge World Championships Whistler $53,600.00
Colour the Slopes Whistler $28,600.00
Crankworx Whistler Whistler $200,000.00
World Ski & Snowboard Festival Whistler $41,800.00
XFONDO Whistler Whistler $7,100.00
The 13th Annual Flag Stop Theatre & Arts Festival Whistler $5,000.00
Winter Carnival at The Point Whistler $2,000.00
2024 RBC GranFondo Whistler Whistler $128,300.00
Run Comfy Numb Whistler $2,000.00
XTERRA Whistler Whistler $4,200.00
Art on the Lake (AOTL) 2024 Whistler $2,600.00
Whistler Children’s Festival Whistler $5,000.00
Arts Whistler Live! 2024 Fall Series Whistler $2,800.00
Whistler Film Festival Whistler $117,000.00
Whistler Half Marathon Whistler $8,600.00
Whistler Cup | Coupe Whistler Whistler $32,900.00
Whistler Multicultural Festival 2024 Whistler $2,300.00
The Back Forty Whistler $2,700.00
The Witsend Whistler $2,000.00
Cornucopia Whistler $55,200.00
Arts Festival - Culture Crawl White Rock $2,300.00
Sea Festival White Rock $9,000.00
Bright Walk in White Rock White Rock $2,000.00
White Rock Buskers & Comedy Festival White Rock $2,000.00
The Concerts at the Pier White Rock $7,600.00
White Rock Jazz and Blues Festival White Rock $2,000.00
Performances in the Park Williams Lake $2,500.00
Spring Classic Indoor Rodeo 2024 Williams Lake $15,500.00
66th annual Williams lake and district 4-H show and sale Williams lake $2,000.00
Ride Your Ride Women's Bikefest Williams Lake $2,000.00
Williams Lake Harvest Fair Williams Lake $4,100.00
96th Williams Lake Stampede Williams Lake $71,900.00
Canyon Craft Beer Festival Yale $6,700.00
Tiny Lights Festival Ymir $15,300.00

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