How to use the online calculator

Screen 1

Enter the assessed value in the "Land Assessment/Land and Improvements:" field. If you are using the value from your property assessment notice, the exemptions are noted for school/hospital and general (rural) purposes below the actual values followed by the taxable values.

If you are using arbitrary assessed values, the exemptions would depend on the property classification(s) involved. (See Tax Calculation Hints)

Chose the desired property class, jurisdiction and tax year - click on the arrow at the right of the field, scroll down the list and select your choice.

Once all three fields are complete, click on the Next button. This will take you to Screen 2 where you select the individual tax rates.

Screen 2

Screen 2 provides the tax rates for the jurisdiction you chose at the first screen.

Select the appropriate tax rates for the desired service area and property class by clicking on the box to the right. When all the rates have been selected, click on any of the Calculate buttons to the right of the table.

You will then go to Screen 3 which shows the individual tax rates selected, the total tax rate, the assessed value input and the total estimated property taxes.

Screen 3

There are three options to choose from if you want to make changes:

  • Clear Rates will clear the tax rates from the estimated tax table, leaving the previously entered assessed value. You may then click on Show Rates and you will return to the previously selected jurisdiction where new tax rates and property class may be selected.
  • Show Rates will take you back to the previously selected jurisdiction and tax rates. New tax rates/property class may then be selected. To remove the previously selected tax rates, click on the "checked" box. Otherwise both sets of tax rates will be selected and the estimate will reflect both.
  • New Assessed Value will clear the previous assessed value and return you to where you can enter a new assessment, jurisdiction and then tax rates from the tax rate table. Repeat the Calculate procedure.