Manage your mineral land tax account

You can manage your mineral land tax account by:

Include your account number (e.g. MLT-XXXX-XXXX) on all documents you send to us. You can find your account number on your Notice of Assessment and other letters you’ve received from us.

Make a payment

If you want to make a mineral land tax payment, we accept payments by cheque, bank draft or money order. You can pay the following ways:

Change your address

If your mailing address has changed, notify us of your new address by:

Ownership changes or transfers

If you make any changes to the ownership of your mineral rights, such as transfers, register them at the appropriate Land Title and Survey Authority (LTSA) office.

Once the change is registered with LTSA, provide us with the change of ownership/transfer details and a copy of your registered documents from LTSA within 60 days. You can notify us by:

Changes in land use

You must notify us within 60 days with details of the change if:

  • You receive an exemption from mineral land tax and you change how you use your land
  • Minerals are being produced from land that was previously not a production area

Changes in land size

If the size of your land changes, for instance if you subdivide, how mineral land tax applies to your land could change or the amount of tax you owe could change. Notify us within 60 days if the size of your land changes. Include a description of the change and copies of your registered documents from LTSA.