Overdue accounts for stumpage and export fees

Last updated on May 7, 2024

Your stumpage and export fees are due upon receipt of your invoice.

If you don't pay your balance, your account will become overdue. An overdue account can affect your bid deposit amounts and may prevent you from bidding on timber licences.   

Contact us if your account is overdue and you would like to discuss your situation or set up a payment plan.

When you don’t pay your balance, you will receive a collection notice. If you still don’t pay, collection actions may occur. Collection actions may include:

  • Your timber rights, privileges and eligibility may be suspended
  • Payment of funds due to you may be stopped
  • Legal seizure of timber and other assets may occur
  • Your credit reports may be acquired from reporting agencies
  • A judgement may be registered against you in court
  • A lien may be filed against your properties
  • In certain circumstances, collection actions pursued against you may also be pursued against the scale site owner or any other party who purchased or sold the Crown timber


Interest applies to all overdue accounts at a rate of prime plus 3%. Interest starts to accrue 31 days after the date on your Billing Notice and is calculated based on any unpaid balance.

Make a payment

You can make a payment in full or contact the collection officer looking after your account to arrange a payment plan.

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