File & Pay Your Logging Tax

Due to the current situation created by COVID-19 and to harmonize with the federal government’s extension for corporations to file income tax returns, the B.C. logging tax return filing deadline has been extended.

If you have a B.C. logging tax return due between the periods of March 18, 2020 to August 31, 2020, your logging tax return is now due by September 1, 2020.

Penalties and interest won't be charged if the deferred payment requirements are met by the extended filing deadline

If you have logging operations in B.C., you must file an annual logging tax return. You must file a tax return even if you incurred losses or didn’t have any earnings from your logging operations.

The tax return must be filed within six months of the end of the tax year in which the logging operations occurred.

Instalment Payments

If you owed more than $2,000 in logging tax in the previous tax year, you must make logging tax instalment payments in the current tax year. An instalment payment is a partial payment of the total amount of tax payable for the year.

Your first and second instalment payments must be equal to at least 50% and 25%, respectively, of the lessor of:

  • The previous year’s tax
  • The current year’s estimated tax

You must pay your instalments as follows:

  • The 50% instalment payment by the end of the tax year
  • The 25% instalment payment by the end of the third month following the end of the tax year

The remaining tax payable is due with the logging tax return six months after the end of the tax year.

You may be charged interest if you:

  • Don't make instalment payments
  • Make late or insufficient instalment payments
  • Choose to pay instalments based on 50% and 25% of the current year's estimated tax, and the current year's estimated tax is less than both your actual tax and the previous year's tax

Payments can be made:

If you’re not required to make instalments, you must pay the entire balance of tax owing on or before the logging tax return due date, which is six months after the tax year end.

Other Reporting Requirements

If you are issued a Notice of Assessment, reassessment, or an additional assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency that changes an amount relevant to the calculation of logging tax payable, you must notify us within 90 days of receiving that notice by forwarding a copy, along with an amended logging tax return, to the mailing address below. Notifications not received within the 90 days may be rejected. 

Ministry of Finance
Income Taxation Branch
PO Box 9444 STN Prov Govt
Victoria B.C. V8W 9W8