Hunting & Trapping Regulations Synopsis corrections and updates

Last Updated: Oct 21, 2021

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Region Page Description Date
3, 4, 8 43, 49, 86 To mitigate concerns from the wildfires of 2021, year-round motor vehicle closures have been implemented in regions 3, 4 and 8. Some roads are exempted from the closure. See Maps at 2021-10-19
PW 21 Compulsory Reporting submission requirements have been updated.  Please see online synopsis for further information. 2021-09-14
3 43 The Apr. 15 to June 30 Motor Vehicle Closed Area in the Texas Creek Watershed is extended to Apr. 15 to Nov. 30 2021-08-24
5 58 Motor Vehicles are prohibited on the Chilko-Newton Road, from Henry’s Crossing to Gwe Da Ts’ih Campground from Sept. 1 to Oct. 31, except for access to private property and for members of the Tŝilhqot’in Nation to access Aboriginal Title Lands. 2021-08-24
4 53 Correction to Map D16: The No Shooting area, southeast of Elkford, between the Fording and Elk Rivers, has been re-inserted onto the map. 2021-08-17
Trapping 92, 93, 96 The Fisher Trapping Season in Regions 3, 5, 7A, and portions of Region 6 has been closed. All fisher trapped in areas with no trapping season must be Compulsory Inspected. 2021-08-17
PW Various The 2021/2022 season dates for Migratory Game Birds, including the dates for Waterfowler Heritage Days, have been updated for all regions in the online synopsis. For more information on the Government of Canada’s initiative to modernize the federal Migratory Birds Regulations, please go to Migratory birds - 2021-08-03
1 29

Administrative:  The Special Areas Only Antlerless Mule Deer bow only season (Aug 25-Sept 9) should have had a star in front of the season, indicating that there is no bow only season on the Gulf Islands in MU 1-1 (except Gabriola Island), in zone B of MU 1-5 (see Map A17) or on Denman and Hornby Islands (MU 1-6).

NOTE:  This is not a regulation change it’s only to clarify existing regulation.

2 36 Clarification of the general open season for pheasants in M.U.s 2-4 and 2-8 to October 9 to November 30 2021-08-03
PW 21 Parts required section for compulsory inspection of mountain sheep, caribou, elk and moose has been updated to reflect recent regulation change to include the term “naturally attached.” 2021-04-27
PW 94 Certified killing traps list has been updated for raccoon.
Certified restraining traps list has been updated for wolf.
5 58 The bag limit for white-tailed deer is 2, but only one may be a buck.  Antlerless white-tailed deer are under Limited Entry Hunting only. 2020-11-18
PW 15 Clarification of the language used to describe prohibitions on the use, operation, or possession of a drone on a hunting expedition.

NOTE:  This is not a regulation change it's only to clarify the language that describes the existing regulation
7B 80 Simplify White-tailed deer either sex bag limit for clarity.

NOTE:  This is not a regulation change it's only to clarify existing regulation
5 21 All elk harvested by licensed hunters in Management Unit 5-2 (available through Limited Entry Hunting only) are subject to Compulsory Inspection 2020-08-27
4 49 Motor Vehicles for the purpose of hunting are prohibited in the watershed of Big Sand Creek, upstream of it's confluence with Whimster Creek, from April 1 to June 30 and September 1 to February 28 (February 29 in a leap year).

This regulation was erroneously removed from the printed version of the 2020-2022 Hunting & Trapping Regulations Synopsis and the online version prior to August 10, 2020.
4 48 The closed dates for the Linklater Creek Motor Vehicle for Hunting Closed Area (MVHCA) is Sept. 1 to Nov. 30 (not Sept. 1 to June 30 as stated in the printed synopsis). 2020-07-24