Freshwater Angling Guides

Whether you are new to fishing or have been at it for years, the services of a knowledgeable angling guide can make all the difference in the quality of your experience.

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Important notice regarding Angling Guide fees 

For licence year 20/21 angling guides will only pay for the angler days they use.

Angling guides were required to pay their angler days fees due in May (45%). The balance of fees (55%) normally due in September have been deferred until May 2021.

After the licence year ends, actual use of angler days will be determined using the Guides Annual Reports.

  • If guides paid their 45% but did not use all those days, a credit will be applied to their 2020/2021 fees, which will be invoiced in February.
  • If angling guides used more days than the 45%, the additional rod days will be added to their 2020/2021 invoice due at the end of May as per normal process.

No refunds will apply unless the guide ceased operations prior to the end of the season and applied for a refund of remaining angler day fees to the appropriate Region. Normal refund processes apply.

Fisherman releasing a sturgeon

Opportunities for Angling Guides

Angling guides are licensed by the province and are knowledgeable regarding provincial fish and wildlife regulations and reporting requirements in addition to their fishing expertise.

Natural Resource Online Services provides information and administers applications for Individuals interested in obtaining an Angling Guide licence or an Assistant Angling Guide licence.

fly fishing for steelhead on the Bulkley River

Confirm your Angling Guide is licensed

Anglers securing the services of an Angling Guide can be certain that their chosen guide is licensed by asking to see a copy of their guide’s current Angling Guide Licence (or Assistant Angling Guide Licence) or by contacting FrontCounter BC.

FrontCounter BC can be reached by telephone (toll free) at: 1-877-855-3222 (outside North America 1-778-372-0729) or by email at: