Facts and Stats

B.C.’s public libraries deliver a wide range of resources and services to meet their community’s needs. Libraries use their annual data to make important decisions about which resources to buy, programs to offer, and much more.

All 71 B.C. public libraries report their annual statistics through the provincial Annual Survey of B.C.’s Public Libraries as part of the public library accountability framework.  Read more on the Public Library Accountability Framework.

Survey results from 2002 onwards are publicly available through the BC Data Catalogue.

Public library administrators can submit their annual data through the Counting Opinions website.  

2017 Annual Survey of B.C.'s Public Libraries Highlights

  • 71 Public libraries, 247 service locations and 6 Federations, serving 99% of B.C.’s population;
  • 10.2 Million items available in physical format;
  • 44.4 Million physical items borrowed;
  • 5.4 Million items available in digital format;
  • 7.6 Million digital checkouts;
  • 135,000+ Items lent through provincial interlibrary loan programs;
  • 73,829 Programs offered through the libraries;
  • 1.74 Million program attendees;
  • 86,500+ Children registered in the provincial summer reading club;
  • 3,609 Computers available for public use;