Community literacy

Literacy is more than just reading and writing. It is a set of skills that can help solve fundamental societal issues and economic challenges. During all stages of our lives, literacy is about decoding information, events, and situations so that we can succeed and prosper. Now, more than ever before, literacy helps in making sense of the modern world.

Community led literacy programs support communities by building networks, partnerships, and relationships to enhance local literacy programming. Community literacy programs are about engaging community partners and giving them the tools to identify their own literacy needs and opportunities.

Literacy outreach coordinator program

Decoda Literacy Solutions provides professional development, learning resources, and support for Literacy Outreach Coordinators (LOCs) and for the 100 community literacy task groups in British Columbia. This coordinated network of literacy practitioners and community partners brings together individuals, organizations, and agencies to collaborate and deliver community-based literacy programs and services.

Use the Community Literacy Directory to find help with literacy skills development and training in your community.