2021 Update: Provincial Strategic Threat Analysis (PSTA)

The 2021 Provincial Strategic Threat Analysis is designed to consistently assess and map potential wildfire threats to values across the landscape (including communities, infrastructure and natural resources) and to integrate different aspects of wildfire hazard and risk. In this context, “values” refer to natural resources or man-made structures or features that have a measurable or intrinsic worth and could be negatively impacted by wildfires.  The 2021 analysis is an update of the 2019 Provincial Strategic Threat Analysis Wildfire Threat Analysis Component.

The 2021 Provincial Strategic Threat Analysis offers local governments, private landowners, industry and other stakeholders an opportunity to review the threat ratings in their areas of interest, assess how much fire prevention work has been done in those areas (e.g. FireSmart™ activities or fuel management treatments) and determine what additional steps they could take to safeguard their interests.

The 2021Provincial Strategic Threat Analysis can aid resource managers and proponents in viewing land management activities through a “fire management lens”, where the objectives may include reducing damage from wildfires; improving the effectiveness and cost efficiency of wildfire suppression; and making ecosystems and communities more fire-resilient. When combined with wildland-urban interface information, the analysis help can identify priority areas and communities of interest for further review. 

Downloadable files:

  • 2021 Provincial Strategic Threat Analysis Document
  • 2021 Provincial Strategic Threat Analysis Overview Map
  • 202 1PSTA – Fire Density Map 
  • 2021 PSTA – Human Fire Density Map 
  • 2021 PSTA – Lightning Fire Density Map 
  • 2021PSTA – Spotting Impact Map 
  • 2021 PSTA – Threat Rating Map
  • 2021 PSTA – WUI Threat Rating Map 

  Access the PSTA files

B.C. Provincial Fuel Type Layer Overview (Updated 2021)

2019 PSTA Data

The 2019 Provincial Strategic Threat Analysis files are still available to download at the link below.

Access 2019 PSTA data

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