The BC Wildfire Service (BCWS) uses a range of equipment from high pressure water pumps, ATVs, rock trucks and skidders in support of fire operations. Most equipment is hired prior to and early in the fire season (March-May) by the local Fire Center(s).

To supply equipment listed in the BCWS Equipment Rates below, equipment owners should contact their local fire centre to be registered for “as and when required” work. 

Note: While fire centres will register equipment owners throughout the fire season, most “as and when required” equipment rental agreements are issued between March-May each year.

Specialty equipment (not listed in BCWS Equipment Rates already) owners should submit their equipment description/information being offered and their requested rates to

Current BCWS Equipment Rates

Learn more about how the BCWS Equipment Rates are developed. 

Heavy equipment vendors interested in using our new electronic Daily Time Report application (eDTR), please check the Training Sessions section below. Links are available in this section for vendor sessions in March and April, 2022.

Electronic Daily Time Report (eDTR) Application

BC Wildfire Service has a new application being implemented in 2022 that will allow equipment vendors who are interested in using the application to record their daily time reports when supporting wildfire response and project work.

Familiarization sessions were held in March 2022 to provide an opportunity for heavy equipment vendors to get acquainted with the electronic daily time report (eDTR) application, the sign up process and next steps. There was a live demonstration of application functionality and the opportunity to ask questions. The focus of these sessions was to build awareness of eDTR and to help vendors get a sense of how it works. More in-depth training sessions are being held in March and April 2022.

A recording of a familiarization session is available here for vendors who were unable to attend one of the live sessions.

Regular touch bases have been scheduled for Vendors and BCWS staff to meet with the project team to ask questions about the eDTR and resolve any issues that may have come up. These meetings start May 24 from 1PM PST to 2PM PST and are held every third week (May 24, June 14, July 5, etc.). Use the meeting link below to join the meeting.

eDTR touch base meeting Link 

Individuals have been established within each fire centre as champions for the eDTR application.  They can assist staff with questions in regard to access, training and where to get further help. The eDTR champions can be reached through the local Corporate Wildfire Services (see below). Please mention eDTR in email subject lines to help triage.

Fire Centre

eDTR Champions

CWS Email

CWS Phone (answered during business hours)


Shayla Bailey
Jesse Siwek
Jeffrey Dunne

778 799-2070


Justin Ball
Hannah Perkins
Eileen Beck

250 951-4244


Kelsey Blondell
Judy Hackman
Richard Swift
Bradley Barten

Liam Gibb
Erik Bertram

250 554-5500

Prince George

Charlotte Voell
Elliot Hamilton-Boucher

Nicole Linnell (Backup)

250 561-4628


Kelsey Campbell
Mayella Gyger

250 847-6600


Tracy Kemp
Pam McLeod
Deb Pasacreta
Kecia Kemp
Alexa Cramton

250 365-4040