Wildfire Contractors

Each year the BC Wildfire Service employs, in addition to its own personnel, the services of a variety of contractors – please see below:

 The following roles are all engaged through a Request for Standing Arrangement (RSA) competition:

  • Fire Crew Services
  • First Aid Services
  • Danger Tree Assessing and Falling Services
  • Faller Coordinator and Danger Tree Specialists
  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft Scanning (RPAS)
  • Fire Camp Services
  • Fire Fighter Health Services
  • Large Water Moving Systems
  • Structural Protection Crews and Units

These competitions are posted on BC Bid. All Standing Arrangements with the BC Wildfire Service are for terms with the initial competitions posted between November and March, with terms starting April 1st.

All information regarding these competitions can be found on the BC Bid website; simply search for service opportunities under the ‘Forests – Fire Suppression’ product grouping.  All experience, certification and proposal requirements are detailed in each competition posting.

Fire Suppression Specialists

The BC Wildfire Service accepts proposals for the following services, usually from the beginning of March to the end of June each year.

  • Danger Tree Blasting Services
  • Fire Behaviour Specialists
  • Fire Guard Planning / Ignition Planning / Line Locators
  • First Nations Archeological and Heritage Assessments
  • Forestry Specialists – for creek crossing location and mitigation, culvert installation, slope stability assessments, fireline location input, timber removal and decking expertise, danger tree management with heavy equipment
  • Heavy Equipment Supervision / Equipment Branch Director

Other Fire Contracts

Unsolicited proposals to provide services to the Province in support of Wildfire Management should be sent to CWSContracts@gov.bc.ca and are reviewed as time permits.

General Contracting

The BC Wildfire Service also contracts non-emergency services, such as consulting and facilitation services.  Those wishing to offer services not connected directly to fire operations are invited to contact their local Fire Centre or CWScontracts@gov.bc.ca.

Vendor Portal Application

Log in to Vendor Portal

The BC Wildfire Service has implemented an online application that allows suppliers to manage their own agreements, personnel and equipment profiles. This application is the Vendor Portal, which works in conjunction with other platforms managed by the BC Wildfire Service.  For the 2023 fire season, heavy equipment suppliers will also be able to submit their Daily Time Reports electronically (eDTR) through the Vendor Portal.