Get prepared for earthquakes and tsunamis

Image depicting earthquake and tsunami hazards.

Earthquakes are common in B.C., with an average of 3,000* reported each year (*Earthquakes Canada). Most are too small to be felt, but earthquakes strong enough to cause structural damage can occur once per decade. It’s important to take time to prepare and understand what to do when the ground starts shaking. 

The most at-risk areas for earthquakes are along the west coast, where the additional threat of a tsunami may follow. Get prepared by understanding the risk in your community and what to do if a tsunami occurs.

 What do I do?

 Earthquakes and tsunamis are related, but there are differences in how you prepare and respond.

Social media packages

We have created easy-to-use social media packages with graphics and pre-written content you can share with your followers.

Earthquake and tsunami social media package

small thumbnail image of the cover for the Earthquake and Tsunami Preparedness Guide. Earthquake and tsunami guide

Read our Earthquake and Tsunami Guide online, or download the PDF for printing or offline reading. 

Earthquake and Tsunami Guide (PDF 1.5MB)