Get prepared for a pandemic or disease outbreak

Disease outbreaks can happen suddenly and without warning, often posing a threat to public health and safety. When an outbreak is limited to a particular area, it's called an epidemic. When the outbreak spreads to the rest of the world, it becomes a pandemic.

Public health emergencies are planned for and managed by the BC Centre for Disease Control

Stages of a pandemic

Health alerts about disease outbreaks can come from several trusted sources across the province.

Get prepared

There are many things we can do in advance to prepare for a pandemic. These tips work best if they are done before one begins, but are also worth doing while a pandemic is underway.

Stay safe

Global surveillance systems can detect when a new virus has appeared that could cause a pandemic. You can stay safe by knowing what to expect and where to turn to for information.

Stay prepared

A pandemic may last for several years, depending on how long it takes to develop a vaccine and stop the spread of the disease. Staying prepared throughout the pandemic is essential.

Pandemic preparedness guide

Find out how to prepare for a pandemic, and stay prepared as circumstances change.

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