Emergency Incident Donations

In times of emergency, citizens have an important role to play in the response and recovery process. By working together and generously donating funds, they can help those in need. This page outlines the best ways to contribute, ensuring aid arrives faster and has a lasting impact. 

Cash or Clothes?

Donating used items like clothing or furniture is thoughtful, but can be a financial and logistical challenge for communities already struggling in times of disaster. The cost of accepting, sorting, storing and dispersing usable items, as well as throwing away unusable items, often far exceeds the benefit. 

Cash is always the best option when thinking of donating during an emergency. Cash donations are often matched by organizations, and can be used to quickly provide specific items. If you aren’t able to donate cash, consider holding a garage sale for your used items and contributing the proceeds.

How You Can Help

Established and reputable organizations often partner with the B.C. government, financial institutions or large corporations to help communities in times of need. Sometimes organizations will launch donation-matching campaigns, making your contribution go even further. 

Help Yourself, Then Help Others

Being prepared is one of the best ways to help during a disaster. If your household is prepared for the risks your region faces, you will be more resilient and better able to help those around you.

Visit PreparedBC for information and resources that can help prepare your family, home and business.