Emergency education programs and toolkits

Education and awareness materials for hazards and preventable emergencies:

  • General public education programs
  • Resources for teachers
  • Community events
  • Social media kits

Fire safety education

Fire safety education programs and events show how to prevent fires, what to do if a fire starts, how to avoid injuries and stay safe. Resources are available to use in your community, school or home.

High Ground Hike

This is a community-led tsunami evacuation event. The goal is to raise awareness about tsunami risks in coastal communities by giving residents an opportunity to practice evacuation routes. 

Master of Disaster

This is a free education program for young people in grades 4 to 8. They learn about hazards in B.C. and how they can get themselves and their homes prepared.

Partners in Preparedness

An initiative with B.C. businesses to remind the public of how to create an emergency kit, and promote items to customers.

Social media toolkits

Create awareness about preparing for emergencies and seasonal hazards with pre-formatted content and graphics.


The information in this section is provided by Prepared BC, British Columbia’s emergency preparedness education program serving the general public, local governments, Indigenous communities and schools. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact us at PreparedBC@gov.bc.ca.