Fire prevention week

Fire Prevention Week aims to educate people about the simple but important things they can do to keep themselves and those around them safe from fire.

Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety TM

This year, Fire Prevention Week™ ran from October 3 to 9 and the theme was "Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety". Knowing the different sounds smoke and carbon monoxide alarms make and knowing what to do when an alarm sounds will keep you and your family safe. It's important that when an alarm makes noises – a beeping sound or a chirping sound – you take action.

What if someone in my home is deaf or hard of hearing?

There are smoke alarms and devices that alert people who are deaf or hard of hearing. These devices include strobe lights that flash to alert people when the smoke alarm sounds. Pillow or bed shakers designed to work with smoke alarms also can be purchased and installed. For more information on this important topic, visit fire safety for the deaf or hard of hearing section on the NFPA website.

Poster and video contest

The Fire Prevention Week 2021 poster and video contest is now closed. Thanks to all of those who entered! We will share the winners list in November.

School and fire department resources

Download and print the following checklist, or modify it to suit your school's needs, to help you run a successful fire drill during Fire Prevention Week (or any time of year!).

Fire Prevention Week is an excellent time to recognize individuals who have contributed to fire and life safety in your community, and the Safety Star Program is a great way to honour them. Download the Safety Stars program information sheet by clicking on the button below.

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