Anti-Hate Community Support Fund

Last updated on April 8, 2024

The Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General has established the Anti-Hate Community Support Fund to support identifiable groups in B.C. who have experienced, or who are at risk of experiencing, hate-motivated crimes, or incidents. The fund is intended to support organizations, such as places of worship or cultural community centres, that have sustained damages to their site(s) or are seeking to enhance security measures in and around their site(s).

Funding Available:

A maximum of $10,000 is available per grant application.

Eligible organizations that have more than one site are permitted to apply for up to a maximum of three (3) sites. One application per site is required. Any application(s) submitted beyond the maximum of three (3) per organization will not be considered.

Eligibility Requirements:

Eligible Applicants

All applicants must be a not-for-profit organization or registered charity in B.C. In addition, applicants must identify as one of the following entities:

  • A place of worship (e.g., mosques, synagogues, temples, churches, etc.).
  • A cultural community centre or cultural community space where members of an identifiable and/or equity-deserving group (e.g., 2SLGBTQIA+ groups, Asian, Black, Indigenous etc.) gather for social or cultural activities/programming (e.g., traditional culture programs, workshops, and ceremonies, etc.).
  • A private, not-for profit faith-based or cultural school.
  • An organization that serves a religious, spiritual, cultural, or equity-deserving community.

Eligible Expenses

A maximum of $10,000 per application is available for:

  • Repairs to a structure, fixtures, spaces
    • e.g., windows, doors, locks, fences, gates etc. and other damage to the property
  • Graffiti removal
  • Insurance deductible related to repairing damages
  • Costs associated with labour for repairs
  • Enhancing security measures
    • e.g., anti-graffiti sealant, camera and recording/monitoring equipment, alarms and monitoring systems, protective barriers, exterior lighting, lock enhancements, etc.
  • Costs associated with labour and installation of security enhancement equipment
  • Safety audits or safety assessments
  • Security Personnel

Note:  Funding will not be provided for expenses paid (in full) by an insurance provider, another funding program or entity. If an expense has been covered in part through another source, only funding toward the outstanding amount may be requested.


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