Child Support

Parents have a legal duty to financially support their children, whether or not they see or take care of the children.

Child support is based on the idea that a child has a right to be supported by both parents in the same way they would be if the parents lived together. Even though it is paid to one parent, child support is the legal right of the child.

Child support is determined according to the federal government’s child support guidelines.

If you are seeking a divorce, you must have child support sorted out. The judge cannot grant your divorce unless he or she is satisfied that proper financial arrangements are in place for the children.

Child Support Officers Can Help

Residents of Kelowna, Nanaimo, Surrey or Vancouver can request assistance from child support officers in those areas.

  • Child support officers can help you understand the child support guidelines. They can calculate what you are entitled to receive or must pay under those guidelines.
  • If the other parent agrees, child support officers can work with both of you to negotiate a child support amount.

Child support officers can refer you to:

For more information about child support officers, please contact:

  • Kelowna:
    250 712-3636 (1-888-227-7734, call no charge)
  • Nanaimo:
    250 741-5447
  • Surrey:
    604 501-8282
  • Vancouver:
    604 660-2084