Continuing to Report to a Sex Offender Registry

After reporting to a registration centre for the first time, you must continue reporting in person:

  • Once a year for the number of years in your order, notice or obligation
  • Within 7 days after changing your main residence (the place where you live most of the time) or secondary residence (a place other than your main residence where you live regularly)
  • Within 7 days of changing your name

Additionally, you must report to a registration centre:

  • Between 11 months and one year after you last reported
  • Within 7 days if you change where you are employed or where you volunteer, or if the name of your employer or the person who engages you as a volunteer changes
  • Within 7 days after returning to Canada if you are outside of the country when you change your residence or your name

Offences and Penalties

If you do not follow your obligations or if you knowingly provide false or misleading information to the registration centre, you may be found guilty of an offence under the Criminal Code. You could be fined up to $10,000, go to jail for up to 2 years or both.