In the Community

If you are required to serve part of or your entire sentence in the community, you may be supervised and required to obey certain court conditions and orders.

A youth probation officer will supervise and support you while you are serving your sentence in the community. They can assist you with finding suitable programs and services to help and support you so you can make positive changes and improve your behaviours. Youth probation officers promote and encourage positive change in young offenders so they can live as law-abiding members of their communities.

Probation Order

The judge may make a probation order as all or part of your sentence. A probation order requires you to follow certain rules (conditions) set by the court or your probation officer while serving your sentence in the community. Conditions could include:

  • Keeping the peace and being well behaved
  • Reporting as directed by your youth probation officer
  • Not using alcohol or drugs
  • Having no contact with the victim
  • Attending school and/or counselling as directed by your youth probation officer

Community Supervision

When you serve your sentence in the community, you will be supervised by a youth probation officer. The probation officer will:

  • Supervise the court order to make sure you obey the conditions and return you to court if you do not
  • Work with you to find programs and services that will help you make positive changes and improve your behaviours

Programs and Services

Your probation officer can help you find programs and services for you while you serve a sentence in your community. A few examples include:

  • Day programs
  • Intensive support and supervision programs
  • Specialized residential programs
  • Community service work
  • Drug and alcohol programs
  • Full and part-time wilderness challenge programs
  • Psychiatric assessment and treatment

Probation officers can also help arrange for other services like mental health and addiction programs, income assistance, housing, employment skills training and education upgrades.

Consequence of Not Obeying Supervision Conditions

There may be serious consequences if you do not follow the conditions in your probation order. This might include being charged with a new crime, being put into custody and/or another or longer period of community supervision and/or a fine. Your youth probation officer will explain to you what penalties you might face if you fail to obey your community supervision order.