Additional Conditions - Youth Offenders

Often, the youth court judge will add conditions to your sentence. These are rules you must obey or actions you must take during the sentence. This section describes some possible conditions.

The Youth Criminal Justice Act sets out two conditions the judge must use when giving a youth a community-based sentence. The judge must order you to:

  • Keep the peace and be of good behaviour
  • Appear before the Youth Justice Court when required by the court to do so

Optional Conditions

The following are some other conditions the judge might order as part of a community sentence:

  • Report as directed by your youth probation officer
  • Live with a parent or other adult the court has ordered you to live with, or where your youth probation officer tells you to live
  • Let your youth probation officer know when there are changes to your home address, job, school or training
  • Do not have or use weapons, ammunition or explosive substances
  • Attend counselling as directed by your youth probation officer
  • Have no contact with specific people as directed by the court
  • Attend and complete a full time residential program
  • Do not use any drugs or alcohol during your sentence