Serving a Youth Sentence in BC

If you are found guilty of a crime, the judge can order that you serve your sentence in the community under supervision, in custody or a combination of both. 

Community Sentence

When you are required to serve part of or your entire sentence in the community, you will receive a community supervision order from the court. You will be supervised by a youth probation officer and required to obey certain conditions and orders of the court. These could include reporting to your youth probation officer regularly, attending rehabilitation programs and staying out of trouble with the law and community.

Youth Custody Sentence

When you are required to serve your sentence in custody, you will serve part of it in a youth custody centre. A youth probation officer from your community will be responsible for helping you plan your release back to the community. All custody sentences also include a period of community supervision.

Programs and Services

You may be required to participate in certain programs while you are serving your sentence. Programs may be tailored to your particular needs. They help you understand the harm you have caused. They also teach you skills and values that help you make better choices that lead you away from committing future crimes.

Programs and services might relate to school, drug or alcohol abuse, preventing violence, sexual offender counselling, restorative justice or life skills. You and your caregivers should discuss available programs and services with your youth probation officer.

More Information

Visit Youth Services (Services and Resources) for more information.