Reporting a Crime

When someone reports a crime, they have an opportunity to deal with the harm done to them or others. Reporting crime gives the police the chance to help protect the victim and put them in touch with people who can help. When someone reports a crime, they are also taking the first step to help prevent more crimes and protect others from the same experience.

Police are here to help. If someone has information about a crime that has or may be committed or names of people involved in a crime, even if it happened a long time ago, the police want hear about.

Who Can Report a Crime

Anybody can report a crimevictims, witnesses or anyone who has information, whether they are children, youth, adults or seniors. There is no time limit on reporting crimes.

How to Report a Crime

To report a crime go to a police station, speak to a police officer, phone police and, in some communities, report over the Internet (online). Anyone can report a crime anonymously by contacting Crime Stoppers. For more information, please visit: How to Report a Crime.

If you would prefer to speak with someone other than police, contact VictimLinkBC or visit Victim Services for more information.

Young Person and Child Safety

Everyone has a legal obligation to report situations where a child or young person (under 19) is being abused, neglected, put at risk or needs protection.  To make a report, call the Helpline for Children.

More Information

Visit How to Report a Crime for more information.