Police Observe a Crime

When police observe a crime, they may act to stop the crime and help keep the victim(s) and others safe.

What Happens When Someone Is Caught Committing a Crime

Police may arrest someone they catch committing a crime. Police can either release the person arrested or bring them before a judge to decide whether to release them while they await trial or keep them in custody. Whether or not the police release the person will depend on the type and seriousness of the charge(s) being considered. See Release from Custody by the Court for more information.

If police release someone, they can require the person to attend court by giving them a document called a promise to appear or an appearance notice. If the person does not appear at the required time, they can be charged with a criminal offence.

When police give someone a promise to appear, they can also require them to sign an undertaking. The undertaking is a promise to obey certain conditions, like staying away from certain areas or people, until the case is dealt with. If the person breaks the conditions or fail to appear in court, they can be charged with further criminal offences. 

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