Jury Selection

The jury selection process (also called a jury panel) happens at the courthouse listed on your jury summons.

What to bring:

  • The top portion of your summons document
  • Picture ID

The process:

  • Get yourself to the courthouse – travel expenses like cab or bus fare are not reimbursed
  • When you arrive at the courthouse, follow directions / signs to the area where you can sign in with the sheriff
  • The sheriff will explain where to go and what to do
  • The selection process will begin in the courtroom and can take anywhere from half a day to a full day
  • The judge may ask some people to return the following month for a second jury selection

What if I Don’t Attend?

Everyone summoned for jury duty must attend jury selection at the courthouse location for the date and time indicated on the summons – unless they are exempt or disqualified in advance. Anyone who does not attend without valid exemption or disqualification may be subject to a fine set by the court.