Daily court lists - provincial legislation abbreviation codes

Abbr. provincial act description

BC Laws Statutes and Consolidated Statues and Consolidated Regulations can be found on the BC Laws website.

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Abbreviation of provincial legislation
Abbreviation Act name
A Administration Act
AAB Access to Abortion Services
AAS Assessment Authority Act
ACA Accountants (Chartered) Act
ADA Adoption Act
ADC Animal Disease Control Act
AGA Auditor General Act
AGC Agricultural Credit Act
AGU Adult Guardianship Act
ALA Agricultural Land Commission Act
AMA Accountants (Management) Act
AMJ Age of Majority Act
ANA Anatomy Act
ANR Angling and Scientific Collection Regulation
APA Agriculture Protection Act
APG Agricultural Produce Grading Act
APP Apprenticeship Act
AQR Aquaculture Regulation
ARA Agrologists Act
ARB Arbitration Act
ARC Architects Act
ARD Agricultural and Rural Development (BC) Act
ARL Architects (Landscape) Act
ASA Assessment Act
ATA Motor Vehicle (All Terrain) Act
ATG Attorney General Act
BAR Solid Fuel Burning Domestic Appliance Regulation
BBA Barbers Act
BBC Build BC Act
BCA Boom Chain Brand Act
BCC British Columbia Buildings Corporation Act
BCE British Columbia Endowment Fund Act
BCF British Columbia Ferry Regulation (Prov)
BCH British Columbia Health Research Foundation Act
BCR British Columbia Cellulose Company Repeal Act
BCT British Columbia Transit Act
BCW British Columbia Wine Act
BDA Bonding Act
BEA Bee Act
BEC British Columbia Enterprise Corporation Act
BEPB C Enterprise Corporation Loan Privacy
BER British Columbia Enterprise Corporation Financial
BIABC Benefits (Income Assistance) Act
BIN Vancouver Island Natural Gas Pipeline Act
BKR Bankruptcy (Insolvency) Act
BLA Builders Lien Act
BOS Bill of Sale Act
BPA Blind Persons Contribution Act
BRC Boundary Act
BRF British Columbia Railway Finance Act
BRW British Columbia Railway Act
BSA Barristers and Solicitors Act
BSS Building Safety Standards Act
CAA Court Agent Act
CAC Commercial Appeals Commission Act
CAN Canada Interest Act
CAP Court of Appeal Act
CAR Commercial Arbitration Act
CAT Creditor Assistance Act
CBA County Boundary Act
CCA Coquihalla Hwy. Constrt. Acc. Act
CCF Community Care Facility Act
CCL Company Clauses Act
CCT Corporation Capital Tax Act
CDA British Columbia Day Act
CFA Crown Franchise Act
CFB Cultural Foundation of British Columbia Act
CFC Child, Family and Community Service Act
CFL Conflict of Laws Rules for Trusts Act
CFS Cemetery and Funeral Services Act
CGA Accountants (Certified General) Act
CHA Cattle (Horned) Act
CIC Criminal Injury Compensation Act
CIR Civil Rights Protection Act
CIS College and Institute Act
CMC Cemetery Company Act
CMD Commodity Contract Act
CMP Constitution Amendment Approval Act
COA Coal Act
COE Court Order Enforcement Act
COI Court Order Interest Act
CON Condominium Act
CPA Carmanah Pacific Park Act
CPC Capital Commission Act
CPN Company Act
CPR Cooperative Association Act
CPS Child Paternity Support Act
CQA Constitutional Question Act
CRB Community Resource Board Act
CRC Crown Counsel Act
CRD Credit Reporting Act
CRE Commissioner on Resources and Environment Act
CRF Curfew Act
CRN Coroners Act
CRO Crown Proceeding Act
CRP Chiropractors Act
CRT Correction Act
CRU Court Rules Act
CSP Consumer Protection Act
CST Constitution Act
CTA Commercial Transport Act
CTE Commercial Tenancy Act
CTN Continuing Care Act
CTR Commercial Transport Regulations
CUI Credit Union Incorporation Act
CVW Creston Valley Wildlife Act
DAA Debtor Assistance Act
DAP Disciplinary Authority Protection Act
DCA Debt Collection Act
DDA Document Disposal Act
DDD Drainage, Ditch and Dyke Act
DGD Douglas Day Act
DGR Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulation
DIV Divorce Act
DMA Dyke Maintenance Act
DRT Dogwood, Rhododendron and Trillium Protection Act
DTA Dentists Act
DTD Dental Technicians and Denturists Act
DVC Development Corporation Act
DYA Dyking Authority Act
EAA Estate Administration Act
EBC Electoral Boundaries Commission Act
ECA Energy Council Act
ECJ Enforcement of Canadian Judgments Act
EDA Electoral Districts Act
EDC Housing Construction (Elderly Citizens) Act
EDS Elevating Devices Safety Act
EEA Energy Efficiency Act
EGA Engineers and Geoscientists Act
EIA Employee Investment Act
EIC Educational Institution Capital Finance Act
EIP Equity Investment Plan Act
ELA Election Act
ELU Environment and Land Use Act
EMA Environment Management Act
EMP Estates of Missing Persons Act
EMS Employment Standards Act
ENR Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway Belt Tax Act
EPA Emergency Program Act
ERA Ecological Reserve Act
ERR Ecological Reserve Regulations
ERT Economic Development Electricity Rate Act
ESA Electrical Safety Act
ESC Escheat Act
ESR Electrical Safety Regulation
EVA Evidence Act
EXC Expo 86 Corporation Act
EXT Expropriation Act
FAA Firearm Act (Prov)
FAH Firearm and Hunting Licensing Regulation
FAR Firearm Regulations
FAW Foreign Arbitral Awards Act
FCA Family Compensation Act
FCD Food Choice and Disclosure Act
FCJ Federal Courts Jurisdiction Act
FDC Fraudulent Conveyance Act
FDT Farm Distress Assistance Act
FEA Ferry Act
FEC Ferry Corporation Act
FFI Farming and Fishing Industries Development Act
FFM Fur Farm Act
FFS Forest Fire Prevention and Suppression Regulation
FIA Fisheries Act (Prov)
FID Financial Disclosure Act
FIF Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
FII Farm Income Insurance Act
FIN Financial Information Act
FIP Fire Department Act
FIR Fisheries Act Regulations (Prov)
FIS Financial Institutions Act
FLR Flood Relief Act
FMC Foreign Money Claims Act
FME Family Maintenance Enforcement Act
FNA Financial Administration Act
FOA Forest Act
FPA Forensic Psychiatry Act
FPC Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act
FPH First Peoples` Heritage, Language and Culture Act
FPI Farm Product Industry Act
FPR Food Premises Regulation
FPS Food Products Standards Act
FRA Family Relations Act
FRC Fraudulent Conveyance Act
FRP Fraudulent Preference Act
FRR Forest Recreation Regulation
FRT Foresters Act
FSA Fish Inspection Act
FSE Fire Services Act
FSM Forest Stand Management Fund Act
FSR Fish Inspection Regulations
FSU Forest Service Road Use Regulation
FTC Frustrated Contract Act
FTV Fuel Tax Validation Act
FWA Fireworks Act
FWF Freshwater Fish Regulation
FWI Farmers and Womens Institutes Act
FWR Skills Development & Fair Wage Regulations
GAA Guide Animal Act
GAI Guaranteed Available Income for Need Act
GBA Greenbelt Act
GCA Gaming Control Act
GCD Golf Course Development Moratorium Act
GEC Government Employees Compensation
GFA Game Farm Act
GOS Good Samaritan Act
GRA Geothermal Resources Act
GRC Grasshopper Control Act
GSA Gas Satety Act
GTA Gaslone Tax Act
GUA Gas Utility Act
GVT Greater Vancouver Transit Conduct and Safety Regulation
HAA Health Board Repeal Act
HBR Harbour Board Repeal Act
HCA Heritage Conservation Act
HCC Health Care (Consent) and Care Fac. (Admission) Act
HCL Home Conversion and Leasehold Loan Act
HDA Hairdressers Act
HDF Hospital District Finance Act
HDP Hydro and Power Authority Act
HDT Hospital District Act
HEA Health Act
HEG Health Emergency Act
HGR Hotel Guest Registration Act
HIA Highway (Industrial) Act
HIR Vehicular Traffic on Industrial Roads Regulation
HIS Hospital Insurance Act
HKA Hotel Keepers Act
HMA Hotel/Motel Tax Act
HMP Home Mortgage Assistance Program Act
HMR Human Rights Act
HOG Home Owner Grant Act
HON Homeowner Interest Assistance Act
HOP Homeowner Protection Act
HPA Health Professions Act
HPC Home Purchase Assistance Act
HPM Hydro Power Measures Act
HPP Hydro and Power Authority Privatizations Act
HPR Homeowner Protection Act Regulation
HPT Hospital Act
HPX Hospital (Auxiliary) Act
HRA Hearing Aid Act
HRC Horse Racing Act
HRF Human Resource Facility Act
HRT Horse Racing Tax Act
HSA Health Special Account Act
HSI Highway Scenic Improvement Act
HSM Health, Safety and Reclamation Code for Mines in British Columbia
HSR Holiday Shopping Regulation Act
HST Homestead Act
HTG Human Tissue Gift Act
HTR Hotel Room Tax Act
HUR Hunting Regulations
HWM Hazardous Waste Management Corporation Act
HYA Highway Act
HYR Highway Act Regulations
IAA Indian Advisory Act
ICA Insurance (Captive Company) Act
ICL Indian Cut-off Lands Disputes Act
ICP Insurance Corporation Act
ICR Industrial Camps Health Regulations
IDA Industrial Development Act
IDI Industrial Development Incentive Act
IFA Infants Act
IFC Insurance for Crops Act
IGA International Sale of Goods Act
ILT Islands Trust Act
IMA Insurance (Marine) Act
IMV Insurance (Motor Vehicle) Act
INR Interest Act
INT International Trusts Act
IPA Interpretation Act
IPC Industrial Operation Compensation Act
IPT Insurance Premium Tax Act
IQA Inquiry Act
IRA Industrial Relations Act
IRM Indian Reserve Mineral Resource Act
ISA Independent School Act
ISG Indian Self Government Enabling Act
ISR Insurance Act
IST Institute of Technology Act
ITC International Commercial Arbitration Act
ITF International Financial Business Act
ITT International Financial Business (Tax Refund) Act
JAA Justice Administration Act
JPA Job Protection Act
JRA Jury Act
JRP Judicial Review Procedure Act
LAA Legislative Assembly Privilege Act
LAM Legislative Assembly Management Committee Act
LAP Legislative Assembly Allowances and Pension Act
LBA Livestock Branch Act
LBR Library Act
LBS Libel and Slander Act
LCA Liquor Control and Licensing Act
LCB Labour Code of BC (Labour Relations)
LCS Local Services Act
LDA Land Act
LDR Libby Dam Reservoir Act
LEA Law and Equity Act
LEH Limited Entry Hunting Regulation
LFB Library Foundation of British Columbia Act
LGA Local Government Act
LGP Legislative Grounds Protection Regulation (Prov)
LGT Logging Tax Act
LIA LItter Act
LLA Legislative Library Act
LMT Limitation Act
LPA Livestock Protection Act
LPF Legal Profession Act
LPR Legislative Procedure Review Act
LPS Livestock Public Sale Act
LQA Liquor Distribution Act
LRA Labour Regulations Act
LRC Law Reform Commission Act
LRT Labour Relations Code
LSA Land Survey Act
LSI Livestock Industry Act
LSL Livestock Lien Act
LSP Land (Spouse Protection) Act
LSR Log Salvage Regulations
LSS Legal Services Society Act
LST Livestock Act
LSV Land Surveyors Act
LTC Lottery Corporation Act
LTD Land Tax Deferment Act
LTF Land Transfer Form Act
LTI Land Title Inquiry Act
LTT Land Title Act
LVA Land (Verterans) Act
M2R Motor Carrier Regulations No. 2
MAF Ministry of Agriculture and Food Act
MAR Muskwa-Kechika Access Management Area Regulation
MCA Motor Carrier Act
MCC Ministry of Consumer and Corporate Affairs Act
MCI Members' Conflict of Interest Act
MCP Medicare Protection Act
MCR Motor Carrier Regulations
MDA Motor Dealer Act
MDC Motor Dealer Consignment Sales Regulations
MDR Motor Dealer Regulations
MDV MINE Development Assessment Act
MEA Ministry of Environment Act
MEN Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources
MFA Motor Fuel Tax Act
MFR Motor Fuel Tax Regulation
MFT Ministry of Forests Act
MGB Mortgage Brokers Act
MHA Manufactured Home Act
MHC Medical and Health Care Services Act
MHE Ministry of Health Act
MHT Manufactured Home Tax Act
MIA Meat Inspection Act
MIB Ministry of International Business and Immigration
MIR Ministry of Intergovernmental Relations Act
MIS Ministry of Industry and Small Business Development
MIT Ministry of International Trade, Science and Investments
MKI Mile Industry Act
MLA Ministry of Labour Act
MLP Ministry of Lands, Parks and Housing Act
MLT Mineral Land Tax Act
MMA Ministry of Municipal Affairs Act
MMR Multilevel Marketing Regulation Act
MNA Mines Act
MNC Municipal Act
MNE Municipalities Enabling and Validating Act (No. 2)
MNF Municipal Finance Authority Act
MNP Municipal Aid Act
MNR Mineral Tenure Act
MPA Mineral Prospectors Act
MPR Medical Practitioners Act
MPS Ministry of Provincial Secretary and Government Services Act
MPT Motion Picture Act
MRA Miscellaneous Registrations Act, 1992
MRG Marriage Act
MRT Mineral Resources Tax
MRW Mining Right of Way Act
MSA Museum Act
MSS Ministry of Social Services and Housing Act
MTA Mineral Tax Act
MTC Multiculturalism Act
MTH Mental Health Act
MTO Metro Transit Operating Company Act
MTP Ministry of Transportation and Highways Act
MTR Music Teachers (Registered) Act
MTS Ministry of Tourism Act
MTX Mining Tax Act
MVA Motor Vehicle Act
MVP Motor Vehicle Prohibition Regulation
MVR Motor Vehicle Act Regulations
NCT Citizenship Act (Nisga'a)
NEA Elections Act (Nisga'a)
NFA Forest Act (Nisga'a)
NFR Fisheries Regulations (Nisga'a)
NFW Fisheries & Wildfile Act (Nisga'a)
NGG Negligence Act
NGP Natural Gas Price Act
NHB National Harbours Board Act
NLA Land Act (Nisga'a)
NLP Nurses (Licensed Practical) Act
NLT Land Title Act (Nisga'a)
NMA Name Act
NPM Natural Products Marketing (BC) Act
NRA Nurses (Registered) Act
NRC Natural Resource Community Fund Act
NRP Nurses (Registered Psychiatric) Act
NTA Notaries Act
NTR Naturopaths Act
OBM Ombudsman Act
OBR Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation
OFC Ocean Falls Corporation Repeal Act
OFF Offence Act
OLA Occupiers Liability Act
OLN Open Learning Agency Act
OTF Okanagan Valley Tree Fruit Authority Act
OTM Optometrists Act
OZN Ozone Depleting Substances and Other Halocarbons Regulations
OZR Ozone Depleting Substance Regulations
PAM Pension Agreement Act
PAP Power of Appointment Act
PAR Park and Recreation Area Regulation
PAT Power of Attorney Act
PBB Public Service Bonding Act
PBK Pawnbrokers Act
PBR Probate Recognition Act
PBS Pension Benefits Standards Act
PCO Provincial Court Act
PCR Post-Consumer Paint Stewardship Program Regulation
PCS Purchasing Commission Act
PDA Premier's Advisory Council for Persons with Disabilities Act
PDT Podiatrists Act
PEA Pesticide Control Act
PEB Power Engineers and Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Act
PEN Pension Act
PER Pesticide Control Act Regulations
PGT Public Guardian and Trustee Act
PHC Pharmacists, Pharmacy Operations and Drug Scheduling Act
PHS Physiotherapists Act
PIA Private Investigators and Security Agencies Act
PIR Private Investigators and Security Agencies Regulations
PKA Park Act
PKR Park (Regulation) Act
PLA Pipeline Act
PLC Police Act
PLP Plant Protection Act (Prov)
PMC Pharmacists Act
PMP Provincial-Municipal Partnership Act
PMR Private Investigators and Security Agencies (Min.) Regs.
PMT Provincial-Municipal Partnership (Taxation Measure)
PNA Partnership Act
PNC Pacific North Coast Natice Cooperative Act
PNG Petroleum and Natural Gas Act
PNS Pension Society Act
PNV Petroleum and Natural Gas (Vanc.Isld Railway Lands) Act
POL Pollution Control Act
PPA Partition of Property Act
PPL Property Law Act
PPS Pension (Public Service) Act
PPT Perpetuity Act
PRL Parole Act
PRV Privacy Act
PSB Public Service Benefit Plan Act
PSC Pension (College) Act
PSE Public Sector Employers Act
PSH Provincial Symbols and Honours Act
PSL Public Service Labour Relations Act
PSM Pension (Municipal) Act
PSP Personal Property Security Act
PST Pension (Teachers) Act
PSV Pubic Service Act (c. 15)
PSY Psychologists Act
PTC Petroleum Corporation Act
PTL Public Toilet Act
PTP Patients Property Act
PTR Public Trustee Act
PTT Property Transfer Tax Act
PUB Public Service Act (1003 c. 66)
PVC Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act
PVS Private Post-Secondary Education Act
PWA Public Works Agreement Act
QCA Queen's Counsel Act
QPA Queen's Printer Act
RAA Representation Agreement Act
RAP Railway Act (Provincial)
RDA Rent Distress Act
REA Real Estate Act
REJ Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgment
RFA Recreational Facility Act
RFR Referendum Act
RGA Range Act
RGL Regulations Act
RIR Rate Increase Restraint Act
RLP Repairers Lien Act
RMW Resort Municipality of Whistler Act
ROR Return of Used Lubricating Oil Regulations
RPA Riverbank Protection Act
RPL Repairs Lien Act
RPR Range Practices Regulations
RRA Commercial River Rafting Safety Act
RRR Commercial River Rafting Safety Regulations
RSA Refugee Settlement Act
RSD Residence and Responsibility Act
RTA Residential Tenancy Act
RVN Revenue Sharing Act
SAC Seniors Advisory Council Act
SAE Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters Act
SAR Sanitary Regulations
SBD Small Business Development Act
SBV Small Business Venture Capital Act
SCA School Act
SCI Science Council Act
SCL Scholarship Act
SCR Scaling Regulations
SCT Society Act
SCV Soil Conservation Act
SDC School District Capital Finance Act
SDG Seed Grower Act
SDR Sewage Disposal Regulations
SEC Securities Act
SEE Skagit Environment Enhancement Act
SEF Sustainable Environment Fund Act
SEZ Special Enterprise Zone and Tax Relief Act
SFF Sheriff Act
SFT Securities (Forged Transfer) Act
SGA Sale of Goods Act
SGD Sechelt Indian Government District Home Owner Grant Act
SHR Shellfish Regulations
SIA Subpoena (Interprovincial) Act
SIG Sechelt Indian Government District Enabling Act
SLC Small Claims Act
SMI South Moresby Implementation Account Act
SMR Small Claims Rules
SNC Senior Citizen Automobile Insurance Grant Act
SNT Senatorial Selection Act
SPA Seed Potato Act
SPC Special Accounts Appropriation and Control Act
SPD Survivorship and Presumption of Death Act
SPL Special Appropriations Act
SPR Silviculture Practices Regulations
SPT Supreme Court Act
SRR Storage of Recyclable Materials Regulation
SST Social Services Tax Act
STA Statistics Act
STE Statute Revision Act
STF Science and Technology Fund Act
STM System Act
STT Applied Science Technologists and Technicians Act
STU Statute Uniformity Act
SWA Social Workers Act
SWR Special Waste Regulation
TAA Tourist Accommodation (Assessment Relief) Act
TAG Travel Agents Act
TBA Tobacco Act
TBC Tobacco Product Act
TBR Tobacco Regulations
TCC Trade and Convention Centre Act
TCM Treaty Commission Act
TCP Trustee (Church Property) Act
TCR Transit Conduct & Safety Regulation
TDC Trade Development Corporation Act
TDG Transport of Dangerous Goods Act
TLP Telephone (Rural) Act
TMA Trade Marks Act
TMR Timber Marking and Transportation Regulation
TOS Tobacco Sales Act
TPA Trade Practice Act
TPS Teaching Profession Act
TRA Trespass Act
TRV Travel Regulation Act
TSA Trading Stamp Act
TSR Tobacco Sales Regulations
TSV Trust and Settlement Variation Act
TTA Trustee Act
TTX Tobacco Tax Act
TVI Traffic Victims Indemnity Fund Repeal Act
TWL Tugboat Worker Lien Act
TXR Taxation (Rural Area) Act
UCA Utilities Commission Act
UCM Unclaimed Money Act
UEL University Endowment Land Act
UFA University Foundations Act
ULP University Endowment Land Part Act
UNB University of Northern British Columbia Act
UVA University Act
VCC Vancouver Centennial Celebration Act
VDA Venereal Disease Act
VGA Vancouver General Hospital Act
VLA Veterinary Laboratory Act
VRS Victim's Rights and Services Act
VSA Vital Statistics Act
VTA Veterinarians Act
VVC Vancouver Charter
WAA Water Act
WAC Wildlife Act Closed Areas Regulations
WAR Wildlife Act Permit Regulations
WCA Weed Control Act
WCP Workers Compensation Act
WCR Wildlife Act Commercial Activities Regulations
WHL Warehouse Lien Act
WHR Wildlife Act Hunting Regulation
WLA Wildlife Act
WLF Wildlife Act (1979 c. 433)
WLR Wildlife Act General Regulation
WMA Waste Management Act
WMC Weather Modification Act
WMR Waste Management Act Regulations
WPA Workplace Act
WPC Wage (Public Construction) Act
WRA Warehouse Receipt Act
WSA Wills Act
WUA Water Utility Act
WVA Wills Variation Act
WWA Woodworker Lien Act
YOP Young Offenders (British Columbia) Act