Daily court lists - federal legislation abbreviation codes

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Federal Consolidated Statues and Consolidated Regulations can be found on the Justice Laws website.

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Abbreviations of federal acts
Abbreviation Act name
ACF Aboriginal Communal Fishing Licences Regulations
ACS Air Carrier Security Regulations
AEA Aeronautics Act
BRA Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act
CAG Canadian Aviation Security Regulations (Aeronautics Act)
CAV Canadian Aviation Regulations
CBC Canada Business Corporations Act
CCC Criminal Code of Canada
CCR Corrections and Conditional Release Act
CDS Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
CEA Canada Elections Act
CEP Canadian Environmental Protection Act
CFP Coastal Fisheries Protection Act
CFR Management of Contaminated Fisheries Regulations
CIA Combines Investigation Act
CLC Canada Labour Code
CMA Competition Act
CNA Constitution Act (Canada)
CNP Canada National Parks Act
COL Collision Regulations
COR Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations
CPL Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act
CPO Canada Post Corporation Act
CPP Canada Pension Plan Act
CRA Copyright Act
CRL Criminal Code Criminal Rules
CSA Canada Shipping Act
CSL Canada Student Loan Act
CUA Customs Act
CWB Canadian Wheat Board Act
CZA Citizenship Act
DCR Defence Controlled Access Area Regulations
DPR Dairy Products Regulations
DSR Dangerous Goods Shipping Regulations
EIN Employment Insurance Act
ETA Excise Tax Act
EXA Excise Act
EXD Extradition Act
EXI Export and Import Permits Act
EXP Explosives Act
EXR Explosives Regulations
FAE Family Order and Agreements Enforcement Assistance Act
FDA Food and Drugs Act
FDR Food and Drugs Regulations
FFA Fisheries Act (Fed)
FFP Fisheries Protection
FFR Fishery (General) Regulations (Fed)
FMA Firearms Act (Fed)
FSI Fish Inspection Regulations (Fed)
GEA Game Export Act
GPT Government Property Traffic Regulations
GSR Gun Show Regulations
HAN Health of Animals Act
HAR Health of Animals Regulation
IIL Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act
IMM Immigration Act
IND Indian Act
IRP Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
ITA Income Tax Act
MAC Marine Certification Regulations
MBA Migratory Birds Convention Act
MBR Migratory Birds Regulations
MEI Meat Inspection Act (Fed)
MIN Meat Inspection Regulations
MVS Motor Vehicle Safety Act
MVT Motor Vehicle Transport Act, 1987
NCA Narcotic Control Act
NCR Narcotic Control Regulations
NDA National Defence Act
NPA National Parole Act
NPC National Parks Camping Regulations
NPD Parks Domestic Animals Regulations
NPG National Parks General Regulations
NPH National Parks Highway Traffic Regulation
NPK National Parks Act
NPR National Parks Aircraft Access Regulations
NSH Non-Smoker`s Health Act
OAS Old Age Security Act
PAF Public Agents Firearms Regulations
PCA Canada Ports Corporation Act
PCP Pest Control Products Act
PFR Pacific Fishery Regulations
PHA Public Harbours & Facilities Act
PLR Plant Protection Regulations
PPR Plant Protection Act (Fed)
PRA Proceeds of Crime Regulations
RIA Radio Communications Act
RLA Railway Safety Act
RLY Railway Act (Fed)
SDT Storage, Display, Transportation & Handling of Firearms by Individuals Regs
SFR British Columbia Sport Fishing Regulations
SPM Seized Property Management Act
STS Statistics Act (Fed)
SVI Small Fishing Vessel Inspection Regulations
SVR Small Vessel Regulations
TDA Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, 1992
TDR Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations
TOB Tobacco Act (Fed)
UIA Unemployment Insurance Act
USA USA - generic
UUU Unmapped Act - EDI Transfer
WAM Weights and Measures Act
WAP Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of Internat and Interprov Trade
YCJ Youth Criminal Justice Act
YOA Young Offenders Act (Fed)