Court lists

This page provides links to the following court lists:

Advance court lists

These court lists are not official court lists - the information will be updated after it is posted online. Contact a specific court registry to confirm detailed information.

Advance adult court lists show upcoming appearances in the Provincial Court for the coming five days.

Finding a name on the criminal court list

Proceedings are listed alphabetically by the last name of the:

  • Accused (the person charged with a crime) in criminal court cases
  • Applicant (the person who brought the proceeding to court) in civil court cases

To find a name, follow these steps:

  • Select the city where the proceeding will occur - the court list for that location will open as a PDF file
  • Click on the image of the binoculars
  • In the field that pops up, enter the name of the person you are looking for
  • Press "Enter", or click "Find"

Note: Files with access restrictions (such as those for divorce or family law cases that involve minors) will not display any names and will only be listed by the file number.

Decoding criminal court lists

Court lists contain numerous abbreviations and acronyms.

Here's an alphabetical list of column headings used and what they mean:
Column heading Meaning
Age Age of file
Agency File Code of agency and their file number
Bail Proc Bail status or process
By V/C By videoconference
Case/File Number Court file number
Cnt Count number
Comments Comments on file
Counsel Lawyer's name
Court Clerk/Reporter Name of attending court clerk/reporter
Main Charge/Application
Legislation name and section number of alleged offence
Dispostion Results of court
I/C Custody status
Justice Name of judge
Lesser included Legislation name and section number of alternative plea option
Name Name of accused
Next Appearance Date and time of next appearance
No Number of item(s) on the list
Plea Elect Plea or election
Rm Local courtroom number
Rslt Appearance results, findings
Rsn Purpose of appearance
Time Scheduled appearance time

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These court lists are not official court lists - the information may be updated after it is posted online.

If you have been served a summons or otherwise notified by the court that you are to come to a court appearance, but your name does not appear on the posted court list, you must still come to court.

The court lists are available for information and research purposes and may not be copied or distributed in any fashion for resale or other commercial use without the express written permission of the Office of the Chief Judge (for provincial court lists) or Office of the Chief Justice (for supreme court lists).  Court lists may be used without permission for public information and research, provided the materials is accurately reproduced and an acknowledgement made of the source.

Every effort is made to ensure the court lists are, or remain consistent with, statutory and court-ordered publication and disclosure bans. However, the posting of court lists in no way is a representation, express or implied, that the court lists conform with publication and disclosure bans. As bans may be granted at any stage in the proceeding, the daily list will not include details of a ban granted in court on that day. It is the responsibility of persons using or relying on the court lists to personally check with the applicable court clerk or registry for bans and ensure that they comply with any bans on publication or disclosure.