Wood Burning Appliances

Using wood for heat is popular in many areas of B.C., however it generates more pollution than other heating alternatives, such as electricity or natural gas. Using a modern clean burning wood heating appliance and basic clean burning practices can minimize the smoke emissions from wood heating.

There are two types of wood burning appliances:

  1. Space heaters:
    1. Heat space directly
    2. Include wood stoves, pellet stoves, conventional fireplaces, high-efficiency fireplaces, fireplace inserts and masonry heaters
  2. Central heating systems:
    1. Supply heat through ducts or pipes
    2. Include wood fired furnaces, outdoor wood fired hydronic heaters, or boilers           

Emissions from residential wood heating are a significant source of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) emissions in British Columbia, making up 18% of total PM2.5 emissions. 

Use your wood burning appliance properly to reduce emissions: