Mineral Titles Publications: How To Guides

Much of Mineral Titles related shapefiles and data is publicly available to download from the BC Geographic Warehouse via DataBC. Visit our Data & GIS pages for more information about the available datasets.

Understanding the Tenure/Title Overlap Report (TOR) that is automatically generated and emailed to the recorded holder upon successful registration of a new title.

Using your Tenure Overlap Report to understand Federal Transfer of Administration and Control Interests using the Integrated Land Resource Registry.

Information, guidelines and procedures for Free Miners, mineral titles holders, and landowners about notice requirements for mining activities on private land and Land Act Leases.

Step-by-step instructions on how to create a map for your physical work report using the MTO IMF2 web map viewer.

Instructions on statusing mineral lands using the Integrated Land Resource Registry (ILRR).

  • Creating Spatial Files

Instructions on how to use the Integrated Land Resource Registry (ILRR) to create Keyhole Markup Language (KML) files for use in applications such as Google Earth (PDF)

Instructions on how to create spatial files (Shapefiles, KML, and Geomark) using iMapBC and GeoMark services (PDF)