General Information - Mineral Titles Publications

Getting started online (PDF)

  • Accessing the online tools and applications required acquire and maintain your mineral titles 

Where do I go? (PDF)

  • Guide to who to contact in the Ministry and where to go for various steps in the mining process (tenuring, permitting, geology and information)


  • What is a BCeID and how to get one

Mineral Titles Online data and information (PDF)

  • Information that is available online for view or download to assist mining clients

Landowner notification

  • Information, guidelines and procedures for Free Miners, mineral titles holders, and landowners about notice requirements for mining activities on private land and Land Act Leases.

Crown grant information (PDF)

  • Subsurface crown grant information: Frequently Asked Questions, Historic research, Mineral Land Tax information

Mining process in British Columbia (PDF, 323KB)

  • (11.58" x 17.58") Flow chart showing the process applies only to the requirements under the Mines Act and Health, Safety and Reclamation Code for Mines in British Columbia

Mineral reserves (PDF)

  • Overview of Mineral Land Reserves

Report submissions: Technical and physical Work (PDF)

  • Instructions for submitting technical and physical work reports
  • Creating a map for your physical work report - Quick Guide 

MTO statistics 2021 (348PDF)

  • Mineral and Placer Claims 2005 - 2019:  Good Standing and Acquisitions

Title and reserve statistics (2019-2021) (PDF)

  • Claim Statistics: Good standing legacy and cell claims, New title acquisitions, forfeitures
  • Lease Statistics: Good standing leases, New leases, forfeitures
  • Coal Statistics Licences/Leases: Good standing licences/leases, new licences/leases, forfeitures
  • Reserves - Mineral, Placer, Coal: No Registration Reserves, Coal Land Reserves, Conditional Reserves

History of mining (PDF)

  • A brief timeline of the History of Mining in BC