Mineral Titles Publications: General Information

Are You Online? (PDF)

  • Accessing the online tools and applications required acquire and maintain your mineral titles 

Where Do I Go? (PDF)

  • Guide to who to contact in the Ministry and where to go for various steps in the mining process (tenuring, permitting, geology and information)


  • What is a BCeID and how to get one

Mineral Titles Online Data and Information (PDF)

  • Information that is available online for view or download to assist mining clients

Mineral Titles Online: Digging Deeper into Online Mapping Layers (PDF)

  • Have a look see what MTO layers are really important to research prior to making your business decisions

Landowner Notification

Crown Grant Information (PDF)

Mining Process in British Columbia (PDF, 323KB)

  • (11.58" x 17.58") Flow chart showing the process applies only to the requirements under the Mines Act and Health, Safety and Reclamation Code for Mines in British Columbia

Mineral Reserves (PDF)

Report Submissions: Technical & Physical Work (PDF)

MTO Statistics 2018 (PDF)

  • Mineral and Placer Claims 2005 - 2018:  Good Standing and Acquisitions

Schedule B Fees (PDF)

  • Mineral Tenure Act Regulation - Schedule B - Fees 

History of Mining (PDF)